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10 Sleigh Bells Songs that Double as Incantations in the Event of an Apocalypse

When it comes to living your best crone life, the music that speaks to your heart should not go ignored. And when it comes to surviving the impending and probably inevitable apocalypse, we all need to be prepared. Read more.

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Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now: A Playlist

Every day when your alarm goes off, your eyes flutter open and a sigh escapes your lips. Read more.


How a Childhood Friendship with a Narcissist Still Affects Me Today

Think about that friend you have who is impossible to make plans with. Read more.

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Skateboarding Dogs

A Meditation

Skateboarding dogs: a nearly universal balm to whatever’s ailing you, if only for a moment. Read more.

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7 Reasons Why General Leia Organa is the Hero We Need (and Deserve) Right Now

She’s a general, princess, leader of the Rebel Alliance, and a fascist-fighting badass — is there a better sci-fi lady to look to in our troubling times?

Leia’s tenacity and heroism are undeniable, essential, and resonant now more than ever. Here are 7 reasons General Organa is a hero worthy enough to face the challenges of our times. Read more.


Planets Just Like Us

An illustrated poem

moons are out tonight / orbiting / just beyond planets / just like us Read more.

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A Lone Traveler From Earth

Exploring an unfamiliar world

I'd been there for three weeks...No friends, no family. Exciting, but terrifying. Read more.

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You Know I Feel This: Mass Effect Andromeda Hopes and Dreams

Casual has Bad Opinions

Here’s what I’d most like to see as we leave the Milky Way -- and the original trilogy -- behind. Read more.

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The Lifespring Dodecagy

A Jupiter Ascending Fan Novel Series

I know I’ve been saying forever that there needs to be a twelve part sci-fi novel series dedicated to the extended universe of Jupiter Ascending, so now I’m here to give it to you. Read more.


Ask Persephone: Pandora’s Box (of chocolates)

Valentine's Day advice from the Dread Queen of Hell

Ah, Valentine’s Day -- a day to revel in the only thing more fraught and utterly temporary than human life on this planet: romantic love. Read more.