Afternoon Snack

As we continue our steady march through the year, and we enter the season of pumpkin spice, cobwebs, and witches’ hats, we give you a tasty Afternoon Snack filled with all the good things we could find.



If you are, like us, a fan of gay ice skating stories, definitely look into picking up Spinning by Tillie Walden! This interview with Tillie on Bookwitty is a great look into the author’s process and story while making Spinning. This is the real Yuri on ICE!!! story we’ve been looking for, but with ladies, y’all!!!



Untitled Goose Game looks like it will be pure joy and I cannot WAIT.




Professor Layton anime!!!! PROFESSOR LAYTON ANIME!!!!!!!!!!!!




I love Rilo Kiley, this album, and this writeup of it, but nothing has made me feel older than this paragraph did:

During a time where emo indie-rock was associated with male artists like Conor Oberst, The Decemberists and Modest Mouse, Lewis gave the guys a run for their money and was a strong female presence in the scene. She was perfecting the art of fusing honest reality with compelling storytelling ahead of even Hayley Williams’ coronation as the Queen of Emo.



AOL instant messenger (aka AIM for those of us who grew up during the awkward teen years of the internet) is shutting down for real, and it’s truly the end of a dang era!!! RIP, AIM. RIP.



Marvel has a new team-up with a new sponsor, and it’s everybody’s favorite arms dealer, Northop Grumman!!! Marked as an all-ages comics, so you know, for children, the comic features a team of superheroes who work for Northop Grumman, and it even has a handy-dandy ad at the end comparing Stark Industries to Northop Grumman!!!! SUBTLE!!!!!!



Harvey Weinstein is a trash person and this response to his proposed butchering of Princess Mononoke is truly the best.



Anne Eunson of Shetland has knit herself a beautiful lace fence, and we are in AWE. We can only aspire to such crafty heights!



That wraps it up for this week — get ready for progressively spookier content as we inch closer to our favorite holiday!!!


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