Afternoon Snack

Daredevil dropped on Netflix this week so we have been pretty busy stressfully binge-watching it and thinking we should work out more. Here are some of the other things we saw this week.



We knew it, you knew it, everybody knew it – but now it is CANON. Xena is going to be super super gay in the new TV reboot!!



The ladies that launched a thousand ships.



In celebration of Cardcaptor Sakura’s 20th anniversary, we’re not only getting a new manga and a whole slew of cute CCS merchandise, but a Cardcaptor Sakura Cafe will be opening in Tokyo next month!! You might have been able to guess that cute anime food is a big favorite of ours, here at POMEmag, so we are ???? very into this. ????



If you’ve spent any amount of time on the internet, you’ve probably witnessed or been on the receiving end of some real dickery. If you belong to any minority group (i.e. non-white-cis-able-bodied-male), you also might have experienced dickery above and beyond that experienced by your peers in majority groups. This is no exception for our beloved world of comics, and for the people who talk about them online. Kim O’Connor wrote this piece that is essential reading regarding dickery she faced online, and it’s such an important conversation that we should be having as on online community.



Scifi is a genre near and dear to us here on the USS POME, so we are very into this first episode of STARCALLED, a scifi radio drama that just dropped it’s first episode and who’s showrunner has contributed some sweet stuff to POMEmag in the past. The show features a diverse crew caught in the middle of a larger galactic conflict, and you can follow updates to the show on their tumblr or other social media of your choice!



That’s all we have for you here on POMEmag. What lesbian fanfics did you find canonized this week??


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