Miracle Romance Roundtable

It’s been four and a half years since POMEcast Moon Podcast Power recapped the then-final episode of Sailor Moon Crystal and departed from our collective digital airwaves. To celebrate the release of Sailor Moon Eternal: The Movie, MPP hosts Ashley and CC reunited to laugh, cry, and have a few galaxia-brain moments along the way.

NOTE: We spell Nehelennia’s name inconsistently throughout, but that’s mostly because Eternal spells it differently than the original series did.

CC: SO before we get started in earnest

to fill folks in on some context: back in the old old early days of POME, Ashley and I hosted a Sailor Moon Crystal podcast right here on POME!

but rather than dig up our old Soundcloud account, we figured that recapping the brand new Sailor Moon Crystal movies in a format that better supports images might be more fun and also requires less catchup for folks who maybe don’t want to listen to 2015-2017 CC & Ashley talk for several hours LOL

Ashley: plus, honestly, it really feels forever ago since we did the podcast and i can’t rely on my pandemic-destroyed brain to remember how to talk for an audience

(even just an audience of us and our three friends lol)

CC: bless all 3 of those friends

also YES truly

if you are one of those three friends, we’re not necessarily gonna get into all the old Moon Podcast Power podcast segments, but we ARE going to talk sailor moon feelings about these new movies!!!!!

ok so just to kick things off tho


what a bunch of feelings

idk how you felt about this wild ride but I started off thinking, “oh, sailor moon crystal” and ended yelling “LET’S GOOOOO LESBIANS” out loud alone in my living room several times


not to give too much away at the start, but they really gave the gays everything we want, not even gonna lie

i was pretty blown away by the Tasteful Lesbian Fanservice haha

CC: yeah like

if we were still a podcast

could we share THIS?

Haruka sporting a #Look in sweatpants and a fully unbuttoned shirt. Subtitle reads: "What's your role, Haruka?"


my all time fave haruka outfit possibly

but also, stepping back a step – i was just really kind of impressed / surprised at how much like, my brain and my soul actually needed this, and it took me to a very happy comfort zone sort of place, while still also feeling fresh and new


it had a lot of things I expected

(my sincerest apologies to all the artists who had to draw the horse, we called that being a wild ride back in our predictions in 2016 LOL)

and a lot of stuff I didn’t, like nice character moments and just

that lush sailor moon atmosphere that I think wasn’t as consistent back in the original series

but also it was just nice to spend some time with these folks

just all these characters who have been so dear to me for almost all my life LOL

Ashley: yep, big agree to all of this

i think no matter who your favorite character is, they all really got a chance to shine and turn an amazing look


Ashley: we used to have the podcast segment where we would compare each episode to the manga

because it was kind of sold as like, being a series that was closer to the manga than the old anime series

and like, it basically just turned into us swooning over takeuchi’s fashion drawing and the looks from the manga and begging sailor moon crystal to throw us a bone

CC: and I mean they truly delivered here

Ashley: 90s nostalgia finally done right!!!!!!!

CC: I can’t even tell you which look was my favorite, but I will say that setsuna’s mesh goth housewear just had my jaw dropping

Setuna wearing a mesh halter over a black bra, like you do.
Setsuna Doing Astronomy at her computer in the same mesh halter/bra combo.

Ashley: all i can say is happy pride, folks


you called it!! the thrupple isn’t just surviving they’re THRIVING


crying happy tears right now

it’s true, folks: this is pretty much as close to like a canon polyamorous outer senshi confirmation as we’ve ever gotten

CC: their rings!!!! ahhh!!!!

Ashley: I WAS JUST TYPING HAHAHA… they all three… wear matching “promise” rings

CC: “promise” lol sure

Ashley: promise to flaunt it while we got it

CC: this is the most married image I’ve ever seen in my life lol

Haruka, Hotaru, and Setsuna sit at the dinner table while Michiru (wearing an apron) brings dinner to the table.

love this for them

Ashley: ???? ???? ????

GOD same

CC: I gotta say I WISH I had been able to reread this whole portion of the original manga because I do feel like it is a lot more faithful

a lot of stuff the original series I think kinda sidestepped, like how everyone has castles, or the amazoness quartet being Chibiusa’s squad someday got picked back up here, which is fun

Ashley: yeah, i liked that lore coming back a lot

i think it also very successfully captured those very shojo long “empty” moments and mood shots

like, this was the first time since sailor moon crystal started that it felt like the story could just breathe

CC: which is wild bc they really did cram everything into two movies

Ashley: hahahahahaha truly!

CC: they really hit pretty much all the main points

the weird age swap plot

Ashley: omfg

CC: the horse girl + horse romance

Ashley: my simultaneous discomfort and glee

like, this story is fucking WEIRD and i love it, thank you for keeping all the weird shit

CC: hotaru actually getting to be conscious and present

but also YES all the weird stuff

you know, my only real disappointment

was just, as I think we’ve discussed, i am an eternal queen nehelennia simp so I really wish my girl had gotten to do more in this

Ashley: hahahaha

CC: I feel like these movies were probably way closer to the manga than original SuperS anime but

I just loved original anime Nehelennia

just decides to drag everybody else to hell bc she’s lonely and gets a classic sailor moon (anime) redemption arc

I feel like Princess Naoko is way less forgiving to her villains in the manga, where they get melted

Ashley: hahahahahaha

CC: (as they do in Crystal and even in that these movies delivered!)

Ashley: yep the cronification scenes / body horror villian defeat scenes were EXCELLENT

i mean, truly peak

CC: I couldn’t find a high quality clip of it but if you’re looking to kill about 4 minutes, I’d recommend revisiting Nehelennia’s last stand in the original anime, it makes me cry every time LOL 

(this seems to be a rip from an old VHS so maybe is not for everyone ha ha)

ikuhara ripping my heart out yet again LOL

Ashley: but i’m with you – OG anime nehelenia had just such a vibrant and aggressive energy. this nehelenia was pretty much just vibing

CC: still tho, just such a great villain design, only topped by galaxia

Ashley: agree

although i have to say… the amazoness quartet… next-level, next millennia BADDIES



The Amazoness Quartet hanging out in a tree. Subtitle reads: "Now they're unable to protect this planet!"
Amazoness Quartet gathering menacingly. Subtitle reads: "As the Dead Moon Circus, it's our chance to show them what we've got."

they’re so great

Ashley: i have never and will never get over Juno’s fuckin lowrider cutout parachute pants

CC: i am impressed that you caught her name bc I could not match them

i feel like i have failed in my lifelong sailor moon devotion

Ashley: i think from left to right on that last still it’s Vesta, Ceres, Pallas and Juno

CC: amazing, bless

I didn’t realize the red one’s bikini didn’t have a clasp in the front or anything, it’s just an open vest LOL

Ashley: HAHA

CC: keeping that thing in place while doing literal acrobatics, there must be legit black magic involved

Ashley: and you know what, good for them

CC: yeah truly

Ashley: who needs hollywood tape when you simply have T W I S T E D.  E N E R G Y

CC: bra held together by nightmares

you love to see it

Ashley: highly validating

CC: the energy is twisted but not those bra straps; those are staying right where they need to be

Ashley: LOL

truly otherworldly

CC: oh so the other group I was so happy to see

were my favorite gender nonconfirming clowns

Clown princes Fisheye, Hawkeye, and Tiger's Eye

i love them so much

the original anime gives you so much more time with them but I feel like crystal made every moment with the trio work


they really did, honestly i think this was the peak voice acting of the movies

CC: i did not expect hawkeye to tear my tender little heart into pieces this way

Hawk's Eye in a purple halter dress winking. Subtitle reads: "I'm just so thrilled!"


two gender nonconforming LEGENDS supporting one another even though they must meet as enemies on the battlefield !!!!!



alright well not to segue too hard

but after all this shouting

i have to admit i’m feeling

Chibiusa meeting Helios in a dream. Caption reads: "Why are you in the form of a Pegasus?"

a little horse

Ashley: pffffffftttttjsn;dfkandsklfjamsfam’sdlFAS<flakds


Ashley: i mean, literally when i woke up this morning (a little hungover but not devastatingly so) all i could think was

… horse … kiss …


Ashley: ladies, if the only boy you’ve ever had a crush on is a literal horse, you might be gay…

CC: yeah I gotta clarify, I am not really feelin the little horse

but it did help soften the blow for this realization early

Adult Chibiusa peering through a door. Subtitle reads: "Mamo-chan is my future dad."

Ashley: HAAAAAAAAAA i literally yelled and lorelei looked up at me like “wtf”

CC: i mean you know what? i am not here to judge chibiusa for her horse boy(friend)

Ashley: i AM here to judge chibiusa for being in love with her future dad

CC: oh yeah that part gets me every time

Ashley: although… oh my god, i just realized that’s also a Doctor Who plotline lol


Ashley: i mean, not really

but kind of

idk like, the Doctor has a hot wife, and you later find out her mom is the Doctor’s flirty companion

with time shit in between ANYWAY naoko did it first and i guess better but also

like… do you ever just wonder how many psychoanalysts and therapists and stuff have to hear the plot of sailor moon described to them over the course of their careers

CC: I believe it!

Ashley: like naoko takeuchi was not only on some next-level gender stuff but also just really running full tilt into freud lmao

CC: the venn diagram of therapists who learned a lot about animal crossing last spring and therapists who have gleaned a lot from sailor moon is probably mostly just one circle (edited) 

Ashley: ahhhhh hahaha yes

CC: but speaking of analysis

i did not really know what to do with this????

Child Mamo serving french toast, saying "Usa-chan, I made French toast today."
Child Usagi clammoring for French toast. Subtitle reads: "I want lime marmalade!"
Sulking Usagi with caption that reads "Darn it! So it was a dream!"

my best read on it is when usagi says

Child Usagi looking thoughtful. Subtitle reads, "Was Mamo-chan always this soft?"

Ashley: i literally LOLed at this moment hahaha

CC: i mean i love this for him

not the doing her homework for her

but like: soft mamo

open hearted mamo

good for you my dude

I appreciated his struggle with feeling like a burden and the ultimate resolution where he gets a crystal of his own, which is golden, bc it’s like the sun???? beautiful. naoko. ur brain. just so huge.

Ashley: in typical usagi fashion, dreaming of “what if my boyfriend was free of all his trauma”

CC: wahhhhh

Ashley: HAHAHA truly huge brain

but yeah… i also feel like these movies actually even brought a little clarity to his arc!

in the manga he really is very aloof and so much of what we know about him is just usagi musing on what his deal is (edited) 

CC: also like, the series as a whole??

I’m sure the manga makes these connections in ways the monster of the week format of the original anime made difficult

but SuperS really does act as a really nice bridge between the various arcs?

like, connecting R, with the past life stuff, with unrest on the past moon kingdom and how it impacted their reincarnations

Ashley: right! and also getting power from their understanding of themselves in the present

the two are connected but ultimately this fight in this arc is about moving out of that past cycle and turning to face their actual (uncertain and kind of scary!!!) futures

CC: but ALSO one thing I just picked up on

the pipeline from ye olde moon kingdome

to the “every celestial body has a sailor senshi” plot of Stars

Amazoness Quartet now in Sailor Guardian uniforms. Subtitle reads "We are the Protectors of the four asteroids of the solar system."

Ashley: hahahaha yes

very galaxy brain moment here


Human Form Diana addresses Chibiusa and Helios and says "Sailor Guardians" - continues in next caption
Human Diana continues - "each have their own individual Sailor Crystals."



CC: but also “everybody has their own sailor crystals, which definitely will never come back around, ANYway….”

Ashley: L O L

CC: god! we’ve been talking for an hour and it just feels like we couldn’t possibly cover everything here

Ashley: yeah same… idk it’s a lot! and it’s mostly very good, very healing and fun!

CC: there are two things I really want to talk about before we wrap up

one is

a fun surprise but one of the songs that plays in the credits for the first movie

is actually a cover from an older sailor moon b-side!

Ashley: OH SHIT!!!!! i loved this song and i had no idea, that’s really cool

CC: that “lonely lonely heart” chorus hit my ears and pierced my soul LOL

Ashley: hahaha

CC: for a second, I thought that the ending theme for the second movie was “la soldier” but sadly it wasn’t (though if they make a stars movie……maybe……..)

Ashley: btw, this might be a good time to mention, you can listen to the soundtrack for Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal on spotify!

CC: oh bless u

Ashley: GOD i REALLY want a stars movie more than ever!!!!!!!!

CC: now that I know it can be done right!

we’ll only be like…..40 by the time it comes out; i can wait til then

Ashley: Exactly! Stars movie with good pacing and absolute gender fuckery AND synthwave soundtrack

WE WILL BE THE NEHELENNIA CRONES (and i am fine with this)


the zeitgeist is ripe for a stars movie

Ashley: very agree

CC: ok the second thing


so did you notice rei’s grandpa’s glowup?



Rei's very youthful looking grandpa in Sailor Moon Eternal. Subtitle reads, "Rei, you came to this shrine"

Ashley: he got benjamin buttoned



Youths may not know that in the original anime, he was just Generic Pervert Grandfather #17, just indistinguishable from any other anime grandpa

Rei's grandpa in the original anime, a very small, bald guy behaving inappropriately to teen girls

but this is once again a reboot back to princess naoko’s original vision!!!

Rei's grandpa in the original manga, looking suspiciously like Mamo in a disguise mustache.

Ashley: GOD i forgot

CC: me too!!!!!

Ashley: babe tbh. actually looks related to rei, lol

CC: truly

between him and Ami’s mom, who can also get it

Ashley: OMFG


Ami's mom in lab coat with cool babe lesbian haircut

Ashley: i think ami’s mom showing up was the gayest moment in these movies, and that is actually SAYING SOMETHING


Ashley: the entire squad was like, ready to gay die for her

CC: i mean who isn’t

nobody i know, that’s for sure

Ashley: it’s impossible to imagine frankly

CC: ;__;

but that’s all I’ve got!

any final thoughts before we wrap this up?

Ashley: yeah!!!! i came very ready with my final thought

but before i say it, i also want to say: i just highly recommend these movies! really excellent all around and we barely touched on a lot of it, there are many great moments we have not spoiled


Series of images of Usagi talking about power (1 of 5). Image is of Usagi and Mamo holding hands. Subtitle reads: "Power isn't something you obtain!"
image 2 of 5 - Usagi lets go of Mamo's hand. Subtitle reads "It's something that's created!"
Image 3 of 5 - Usagi's determined face. Subtitle reads "And you can't create power alone"
Image 4 of 5 - Usagi closes her eyes. Subtitle reads, "or use it alone!"
Image 5 of 5 - Usagi striking a classic Sailor Moon pose. Subtitle reads "I'll show you our invincible power!"

CC: love this for her and for all of us ;__;

my final thought is just to piggyback on this but

if sailor saturn can unionize the amazoness quartet, we can all unionize our workplaces

Hotaru and Chibiusa looking determined. Subtitle reads "You're all being exploited!"

Ashley: YES!!!!


Chibiusa and Hotaru together addressing the Amazoness Quartet. Hotaru says, "You're all just being controlled by one who lusts for power"

or at least, we all have the power to fight for more!!!

Ashley: our collective goth gf said WORKPLACE DEMOCRACY!!!

CC: yes!!!!!

well ashley, i gotta say

the girls were back in town and i just loved to see it

I hope we get to do this again in 3-10 years when sailor moon crystal stars comes out (fingers crossed!!!!)

Ashley: UGH, me too. and i’m glad i got to yell about it with you again!! and i can’t wait for the (hopeful) next one!!!!

CC: ❤️

Ashley: ????

CC Calanthe

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