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POME publishes content that is good for your soul. We publish books about magic and friendship, and whatever we feel like the world could use more of at the moment.

Group Chat

Group Chat features 24 up-and-coming creators, all telling stories about the people who have your back no matter what. This book has nearly 200 pages of gorgeous, super fresh art, all bound in a stunning cover by Victoria Grace Elliott, the creator of balderdash!

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Sensible Witchcraft


Sensible Witchcraft, the certified POMEtome and the second volume in our pocket spellbook collection, contains 10 singular potions, incantations, and tutorials for the modern, workaday witch. Learn how to preserve your herbs, invoke your muse, and summon the Mother of Cats. You can find all this and more within these curséd pages.

Charismatic Witchcraft


Looking for a charm to protect your wilting houseplants? Or an easy banishing spell to ward off creeps on the bus? Charismatic Witchcraft Volume 1 is a pocket spellbook filled with 10 unique runes, hexes, and incantations for everyday use. Summon your best life by picking up this handy guide.

Ukulele Spells

Make music and magic with this enchanting collection of Ukulele Spells. In this spellbook, you’ll learn everything from basic chords and techniques to instrument care to songwriting to help you tame the elements or cast a spell to uncover your missing keys. Become a full-fledged ukulele witch by mastering these ten simple lessons and filling your life with charming melodies!

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Crystalline Clover

Crystalline Clover is a magical girl coloring and activity book. Help Clover save the world from mega evil forces! Decode secret messages, find your way through a treacherous maze, and wield your magical paintbrush talisman to help her overcome the Evil Pastel Council and their demon henchmen. Use the power of your pure heart to guide Clover through 15 activities and save the day!

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A POMEsgiving Cookbook


POMEgranate Magazine presents 15 delicious and charming recipe comics that will enchant even the most annoyingly finicky dinner guests for your next Friendsgiving. Whether you’re a genius kitchen witch or a leftover pizza crone, we guarantee that this POMEsgiving tome has recipes for chefs of all skill levels.

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