Pick a D&D Monster and We’ll Give You An Album

May 15, 2020 at 8:04 am

In any Dungeons and Dragons campaign, you’re bound to run into all kinds of monsters. From gelatinous cubes, to titular dragons, to mythical beings, there is no shortage of beasts to encounter on your adventures. Each one brings a different mood and style to the table, no matter the experience they usher into the campaign. Sure you can ponder the stats of these creatures, how they can be used to move your campaign forward, or marvel at their designs. You could also ask yourself: what kind of album matches up with these bewildering beasts? Pick a monster, and all will be revealed (for at least a few)!

Pick a D&D Monster!
Gelatinous Cube
Ancient Gold Dragon
The Angry
Corpse Flower



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Pick a D&D Monster and We’ll Give You An Album

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