Solstice Sabbatical

Beloved POMEs, 2021 has taken its toll and we’re ready to close the book on this terrible year (but we’re sure you are, too). With that in mind, all of us here at POME HQ are going to be taking some much needed time to recharge and heal up under the light of last night’s solstice full moon. We’re wishing y’all safe and warm holidays, and a gentle, kind departure from 2021. We’ll be back in January to ring in 2022 with our annual Crones of the Year.


The POME Crones

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Pomegranate Magazine

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Shopping with the Senshi: Part 1

‘ve all been there: you’re shopping for outfits you won’t wear to special events that aren’t happening, when you start faving looks that aren’t even for you. You think, “oh my God, you know who would absolutely wear this vintage YSL blazer? Fictional character and my imaginary best friend, Sailor Mars!” And thus, Shopping with the Senshi was born, aka: What if Sailor Moon characters had online luxury consignment?

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