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Soothing Youtube Search Suggestions For Your Withered Soul in Mid-2017

Video search suggestions for escaping our contemporary hellscape (for a few fleeting moments)

When you visit your friendly neighborhood Youtube Dot Com and search for the keywords below, almost every video is guaranteed to give you a feeling other than creeping existential dread. Plug them in the next time you’re feeling too stressed out to function and let the relatively good feelings wash right over you.   Read more.


Afternoon Snack

With this week's Afternoon Snack, we hope to lessen your burden and bring some light to your search history. Sip your coffee or your tea and, in the wake of the new moon, give your self the space to recover and start a new week. We'll be doing the same. Read more.

The POME Shop

Find all the cute books, pins, and stickers you need!

Ask Persephone

Advice from the Magestic Queen of the Shades, for the mere mortals of this earthly plane.


Twin Peeks: A Return Recap, Part 7

I'll never forget it.

For the second week in a row, it looks like we’ve been getting closer and closer to putting it all together. Read more.

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Why (Space) Nations Fail

In Mass Effect: Andromeda, the species of the Milky Way have wakened from their 600 year journey across dark space to try their hands/claws/tentacles at making it in the Andromeda galaxy. So, now that they're here, can we predict which outposts will thrive while others fall apart? Read more.


The Abroad Experience

An Italian in the UK

It's now been over a year since I moved here! Read more.

Double Feature

A cinematic pairing, made with love and care.

Afternoon Snack

Weekly goodness from the internet, delivered in cute food form.


Afternoon Snack

This last week was a rough one. From Philando Castille to the Cosby trial, we're struggling with our normal goofy approach to Afternoon Snack. Here's our best attempt anyway, but don't forget the terrible things that have happened. Remember them. Read more.


Twin Peeks: A Return Recap, Part 6

Don't die.

Every week on Twin Peaks, we are given an almost excessive amount of information. Read more.

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QUIZ: How would our dads describe a picture of Cloud Strife on his motorcycle?

Asking the hard-hitting questions, just in time for Father's Day

We showed our dads a picture of Cloud Strife and recorded their responses. Can you figure out how each each dad described him? Read more.


American Gods Episode 7 Review & Recap: “A Prayer for Mad Sweeney”

Enthusiastic Consent: A Divine Mystery

American Gods positions Essie as a relentless social climber willing to sleep her way to the top, but her reality is a lot more grim: Essie’s real crime seems to be turning the tables on exploitative men who knowingly abuse power dynamics that work in their favor. But -- Essie’s the real criminal, right? Because she smirks a lot. Cool. Okay. Read more.