a POME Press anthology

Introducing Group Chat

POMEmag is proud to present Group Chat: an anthology of comics about about friendship and community and the people who have your back no matter what. We believe that love and friendship can be a powerful force for getting through tough times. We need stories like that right now, and we think you might, too.

So, if you want to be a part of this chat, keep reading for our submissions guidelines and application form.



For this anthology, we are looking for stories about friend groups, teams, and found families. Send us stories about two or more people supporting each other!





Content Guidelines:



Art Specs:



Dates and Editorial Guidelines:



Submissions Application Guidelines:


Submissions to this anthology will require the following items/attachments:

Failure to follow these guidelines will result in disqualification.

To submit your pitch, please fill out our submission form here.


Financial Information



Legal Info

All of the works that run in Group Chat will be creator-owned. However, we ask for first publication rights for one year after publication. After that point, POMEmag reserves general publishing rights in perpetuity. Basically: during the first year, POMEmag has the sole authority to reprint Group Chat (online or in print). After the first year, you can reprint your submission, sell it online, or submit it to another publication. However, POMEmag will also reprint and sell Group Chat as a whole. POMEmag will not publish the comics in Group Chat on our website — this is a print-exclusive project.

We are only looking for original content created for this publication. We are not accepting submissions for previously printed or digitally published work.

You must be 18 years old or older to submit to this anthology.




Can I submit a prose / poetry piece to this anthology?

No. This is a comics anthology.


Can I submit a comic about siblings / relatives / lovers who are also friends?

Only if the primary focus of the comic is about the friendship between these characters — we are not looking for romance stories, erotica, etc. This will be determined by our editors from your pitch.


How sexy/violent can my comic be?

Consider this book PG13+; however, if you are asking this question, your pitch might not be in the vein of what we are looking for. Mild cursing is okay; f-bombs and exploding heads, not so much.


My creative team includes multiple creators / an artist and a writer / etc. Will we both receive financial compensation?

We will issue a check for $50/page to one member of your creative team. We leave it to you to divide it accordingly.


Can I submit an illustration to this anthology?

No. We are looking for comics only.


How many pitches can I submit?

You can submit more than one, but only one project per creative team will be accepted.


Some final thoughts:

The POME Editorial Crones are so excited about this book. We’ve been saving up and working hard to be able to fund Group Chat, and we hope this is the first in a long line of similarly big and exciting new projects. We want to give a huge thanks to everybody who’s been working with us so far, and we’re looking forward to meeting the folks we’ll be working with for the first time!

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