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We publish smart, strange content for thoughtful and sensitive weirdos in the form of anthologies, zines, and other printed comics work. POMEpress strives to produce work that is both inclusive and welcoming. We are dedicated to nurturing up-and-coming talent in comics by providing a fair rate and complimentary copies to our contributors.

our books

POME publishes content that is good for your soul. We publish books about magic and friendship, and whatever we feel like the world could use more of at the moment.

Comrade Himbo

Comrade Himbo is a comics and illustration anthology full of pure-intentioned himbos of all genders, who are thicc of thigh and even thiccer of heart. This book is a lovingly crafted, all-art manifesto on the strength of community, full of tales and snapshots of what happens when head-empty-heart-strong anticapitalists come together to support The People. Join the Himbo Revolution today!

Going Steady

Looking for true love? You just found it! Going Steady is a collection of twelve warm and tender comics about all kinds of couples who are in it together. From daring exploits to quiet, intimate moments, Going Steady is about the fun of sharing your life with somebody special. These stories celebrate the romance — and adventure — of loving partnerships, whether your relationship is a brand new spark or an old flame. Lovely cover by Ariel Vittori!

Ukulele Spells: Coda

Whether you’re a ukulele novice or an experienced musical witch, Ukulele Spells: Coda by Rachel Weiss will fill your life with charming melodies. Each of the 15 lessons in this spellbook will teach you something new about how to play your uke, and how to use that new skill to cast a little spell — from finding your keys to making those cupcakes in the oven turn out delicious! This tome offers fun and enchantment to spellcasters of all ages!

Eternal Witchcraft

Eternal Witchcraft is a certified POMEtome, and the ultimate collection of instructional spell comics for every witch, no matter where they are on their Maiden-Mother-Crone journey. Part compilation, part fresh crone-tent, we’ve collected a few comics from our best-selling (and now out-of-print) Pocket Spell Books, Charismatic Witchcraft and Sensible Witchcraft, and partnered them up with all-new comics from up-and-coming creators. Cover by the extremely witchy Annie Lin!

Group Chat

Group Chat features 24 up-and-coming creators, all telling stories about the people who have your back no matter what. This book has nearly 200 pages of gorgeous, super fresh art, all bound in a stunning cover by Victoria Grace Elliott, the creator of balderdash!

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