submit to POMEpress

POME is current accepting unsolicited proposals for review. Only proposals that follow the guidelines below will be considered.

Who can submit to POMEmag?

  • Any thoughtful, sincere human with something cool to share with us
What are we looking to publish?
  • Short comics (60-120 pages)
  • Single creator or a team (if you’re pitching as a team, all creators need to be identified in the pitch)
  • Black and white or color comics (no prose, poetry, or art books)
  • Unique, original work that doesn’t already exist (should be created after pitch submission, not beforehand)
  • Contained stories (no ongoing series please!)
  • Completely self-indulgent
  • Human-made (nothing AI-generated should be part of the proposal or the imagined final product)

What to include with your pitch:

  • A working title
  • A short description
  • A link to your portfolio and/or examples of your previous comics work
  • Some concept art to show us what you’re aiming for

Here’s what you need to do next:

  • Send us your pitch to review!
  • One of our editorial crones will let you know if it is something we’re looking for.
  • All work published on POMEmag goes through our editorial process, regardless of whether or not the work has been completed, to ensure that it is consistent with POMEmag’s in-house style.
  • After we review, you’ll get a small check in the mail within one month of submitting your pitch.
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