What is POMEmag?

POMEmag is an internet magazine for witchy goofballs who are also big huge nerds. We publish smart, strange content for thoughtful and sensitive weirdos. The internet is full of publications explicitly for folks who spend a lot of time getting to know the host’s dog at any given party. And hey: it us. But we’re also:

  • The person aggressively dancing to the Star Wars cantina theme at a New Year’s Eve party
  • The friend you recommend books to who actually reads them (uh, mostly)
  • The coworker who remembers your birthday

POMEmag is owned, operated, and financed by crones and honorary crones exclusively. Our contributors receive a payment for their work.


What is POMEmag about?

We publish whatever we think is interesting — from pop culture analysis to political rants to quizzes about the end of the world. We are a feminist publication full of dweebs who consume a lot of media and have a lot of Feelings about the state of this desolate mortal plane we all share.

Why does POMEmag exist?

In 2014, two aspiring crones decided to live in an alternate reality where literally everybody in the world thinks comics and feelings are both really, really important. Fueled by this unified vision, they started POMEmag and slowly enticed kindhearted, like-minded weirdos to this cause.

The POMEmag staff

Rachel Weiss

Managing Editor

CC Calanthe

Managing Editor

Ashley Gallagher

Staff Editor

Jenny Mott

Staff Editor
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