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Afternoon Snack

A time for tea and a time for the internet

International Sailor Moon Day is over and WOW WE HAD SO MUCH FUN. We cannot even begin to express how much it meant to all of us to see you there, and to see this community come together like that. Y'all are the best. While we take some time to recuperate, let's dig into our weekly internet-sustenance. Read more.

Double Feature

A cinematic pairing, made with love and care.

The POME Shop

Find all the cute books, pins, and stickers you need!

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What Does Your Favorite Sailor Moon Character Say About Your Romantic Inner Life?

Predicting Your Intimacy Issues, Based On Your Favorite Sailor Moon Character

The Sailor Moon character you identify with most might hold the key to figuring out how you interact with potential romantic partners -- even if you’re not planning on getting into a miracle romance anytime soon. Read more.


Twin Peeks: A Return Recap, Part 12

Let's rock.

Suspense is one way to describe what David Lynch and Mark Frost have been imbuing The Return with so far. Read more.

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Big Girls Don’t Crush


When you think you're too old for the shoujo romances of your youth, and yet! Read more.


Grease, but Gay

I'm ready to take Grease to the next step — headcanoning everybody to be gay and imagining who they would kiss!!!!! Read more.

Omega 4 Replay

Rachel and CC embark on a intrepid journey to replay the original Mass Effect trilogy in comic form.


The only crone-centric subscription box that brings hexes and enchantments right to your door.


Ice Cream with a Side of Butterflies

A summer outing with my first lady crush that I'll never forget

By some stroke of luck, we’re right next to each other in line at the ice cream shop. Am I imagining it, or is she gravitating toward me on purpose? Read more.


How Not To Fall In Love With A Fictional Character

A Kachi's What-Don't Summer Special

This helpful guide will steer you in the right direction when it comes to scoring a scorching summer romance with a sentient, three-dimensional, organic, multi-celled person! Read more.


How to Turn that Summer Fling into an Autumn Romance

While we don’t recommend stalking your summer lover to their hometown if they’re not local (we can’t all be Sandy and Danny and live the plot of Grease), we do have some alternative go-big-or-go-home suggestions to help force that emotional bond so your summer fling can withstand the changing of the seasons. Read more.

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Romance Roundtable #2: Closer Encounters

Knockers and Hooch: The Untold Story

Today we’re discussing Closer Encounters by Merline Lovelace (Author) and Kazuna Uchida (Artist) — an inspirational tale about finding love and siphoning government resources to fund your sexy ghost exorcisms. Read more.