The Zodiac Signs, As Described By Someone With Lukewarm Feelings About The Whole Thing

Ambivalent Astrology

I’ve eavesdropped on enough conversations about the zodiac to truly understand the guidance of the stars — I think. Anyway, here’s what they told me about all of you. Read more.

Afternoon Snack

Official portraits, required reading, and the return of the ArchAndroid

Black (Super)Power

Saving the World For The Culture and Beyond

Which Romantic Pastry Are You?

A quiz to help you figure out which sweet and delightful treat matches your sweet and delightful heart.

Afternoon Snack

Featuring knuckle tattoos and crying about dogs

Taffy Loves Her Two Mommies

Love letters & Burt's Bees & the life cycle of a high school romance

Loving Bingo Love

A Comics Review!

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