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Twin Peeks: A Return Recap, Part 14

We are like the dreamer.

When I think of what I admire most about David Lynch’s work, I immediately think about his ability to recreate what it feels like to be in a dream. Read more.


A Sip of Jasmine Tea

Live-Action Aladdin and Colorism

This movie had so much potential for groundbreaking representation. Read more.

Afternoon Snack

Weekly goodness from the internet, delivered in cute food form.


The only crone-centric subscription box that brings hexes and enchantments right to your door.


International Sailor Moon Day Austin 2017: Epilogue

We spent August 5th celebrating International Sailor Moon Day with some truly amazing people!!! If you came out to our event in Austin, Texas, know that it meant so much to us to have you there and to celebrate our favorite Sailor Senshi with you. You're all lovely, magical people, and we have the pictures to prove it! That's right, time for a recap post!! Read more.


Atomic Blonde’s One Glaring Mistake (and How a Sequel Could Fix It)

Delphine deserved better than this toxic, cliche trope.

For everything this film gets right, there is one misstep that left a bad taste in my mouth, especially because of how groundbreaking (and easy!) the opposite outcome would have been. Read more.


On Days Like These

Things to read, if you want or need them today

Some links and resources — the most reliable news we can find about what happened on Saturday to cut through the noise a little bit, and articles to help you take small actions in the aftermath of this tragedy. Read more.


Afternoon Snack

With the solar eclipse only a week away, we spend the next 7 days in eager anticipation of our alien overlords descending upon us. In the meantime, let's look at the internet! Read more.

Omega 4 Replay

Rachel and CC embark on a intrepid journey to replay the original Mass Effect trilogy in comic form.

Ask Persephone

Advice from the Magestic Queen of the Shades, for the mere mortals of this earthly plane.


Twin Peeks: A Return Recap, Part 13

What story is that, Charlie?

Arm wrestling, cherry pie, a conga line — all three make an appearance in the thirteenth episode of Twin Peaks: The Return and honestly, I’m still parsing through what it all means. Read more.


Museum of Natural Mystery – Small Wonder # 5: No Matter How You Slice It

Science is Cool. Just ask Professor Anusuya Chinsamy-Turan, award-winning South African paleobiologist.

Today, we spotlight Professor Anusuya Chinsamy-Turan: a South African paleobiologist who is out there proving that while the dinosaurs might be extinct, paleontology is still very much alive. Read more.

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Dream Daddy

Dreamy Dads and the Escape from Romantic Capitalism

If you haven’t heard of Dream Daddy, it’s a dating simulator for dads -- you’re a dad, the dates are dads, everyone is dads and nothing hurts. Read more.


21 Thoughts When Re-Watching Game of Thrones

A.K.A. Really Watching For The First Time

Cersei, a member of one of the richest families of the realm, had a wig right out of a B-list Lifetime biopic throughout seasons one through five. They couldn't afford to get her a decent lace front? Read more.