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Surrender the Listicle

Finding personal growth through storytelling

Mental health listicles revolve around the same truisms—eat healthfully, exercise, attend cognitive-behavioral therapy, meditate, and reach out to others. While those tips have scientific evidence backing their efficacy, they often fail to address the challenges in following those routines or how some of us might never know what it feels like to live without our brains figuratively tearing at themselves. Read more.


Afternoon Snack

The tasty, the savory, the delicious

It's getting cold here in Austin (YES SOMETIMES IT GETS COLD HERE) so while we wait to turn into large Texas popsicles, join us for some tasty Afternoon Snacks. Read more.

Romance Roundtable

All four editorial POME Crones gather together to discuss a Harlequin romance manga, and things get racy.

Ask Persephone

Advice from the Magestic Queen of the Shades, for the mere mortals of this earthly plane.

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Omega 4 Replay: Episode 18

Our Archangel in Heaven

Rachel and CC finally encounter the Alien Cat Dinosaur Boyfriend of their dreams and waste no time locking it down. Read more.

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Porg Hell

Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Star Wars Merchandising Hell

As Eve bit down on the fruit of knowledge, porgs stared down at her in abject horror, united in their understanding of what mankind had lost. Fill your life with porgs. Welcome to Porg Hell. Read more.

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Worf’s Signature Juice Cleanse

If you can’t find good gagh, replicated is fine.

Though Klingons enjoy fruit juices of all kinds, I have of late been introduced to some Terran delicacies. Juice is especially important when preparing for or returning from battle. The plant-based beverages listed below may be used to augment strength training, or within a larger ritual purification. Read more.


Space Out Your Space with Outer Space-y Decor

Make your place the coolest stop in the solar system with these rad accessories

If one of your goals for 2018 is to escape the planet Earth (and let’s be real: it is), here’s the ultimate way to do that—by making your home transport you and any visitors to the cosmos as soon as you walk through the door. Read more.

The POME Shop

Find all the cute books, pins, and stickers you need!

Omega 4 Replay

Rachel and CC embark on a intrepid journey to replay the original Mass Effect trilogy in comic form.


Space Snack

A galactic journey; a noble purpose

As our planet spins on its axis, another revolution around the sun completed, the intrepid explorers of the USS POME begin on their third astronomical journey. Read more.

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Omega 4 Replay: Episode 17

Welcome to Omega: home of criminal masterminds and dreamy masked turians.

Read more.


Museum of Natural Mystery – Exhibit 18b: Sunk Cost

The Other Real-Life Whale That Inspired Moby Dick

Part 2 of NatMysteryCast's deep dive into the real whales that inspired Moby Dick! In 1820, an enormous sperm whale sank the whaleship Essex. The surviving crew soon found that the vengeful whale was the least of their worries. Read more.

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2017 Crones of the Year

The top 10 fictional crones that inspired us through the hellscape of 2017

As we wade into the tumultuous waters of 2018, let’s take a look back at the fearsome and magnificent crones that guide us onward and upward through last year's perils. Read more.

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