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Double Feature: Bell Book and Candle and The Love Witch

Witchcraft, Old and New (AKA Internalized Misogyny and Loss of the Self)

Maybe the violent shared experience of womanhood hasn’t changed that much, but the narrative commentary certainly has! Read more.


Museum of Natural Mystery – Exhibit 17: Olga the Saint

Our Lady of Vengeance

This is the story of a murdered prince, and the princess who wiped out an entire people to avenge him. Read more.

Double Feature

A cinematic pairing, made with love and care.

Ukulele Spells

Learn to play the ukulele and cast magical charms with these cute comics as your guide!


Riverdale Roundtable: “A Kiss Before Dying”

"Cheryl only deserves another Cheryl"

Today we're talking about the very first episode of Season 2: "A Kiss Before Dying." Come for the hot dads and conspiracy theories; stay for the jingle jangle. Read more.

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Fangirl Nostalgia: Rereading My Teenage Fanfiction

Adolescent adventures in shipping, self-inserts, and questionable romantic subplots

After a recent deep clean, I came across my old spirals and folders containing these vintage, handwritten fanfics. So, I dusted them off and decided to share a few exceptional gems with the world. Read more.


Afternoon Snack

A small collection of the things we saw last week.

We want to say that if you're posting #MeToo right now, we see you and we believe you and we love you. If you have a #MeToo that you would prefer not to post, we support you and we love you too. Read more.


13 Hexes For Friday The 13th

Curses that also just seem like bad luck

It’s Friday the 13th, in October no less — the rare day when normies and mortals decide to believe in superstition. Truly it is the perfect smokescreen to make good on any grudges you’ve been holding onto all year. Read more.

Romance Roundtable

All four editorial POME Crones gather together to discuss a Harlequin romance manga, and things get racy.

The POME Shop

Find all the cute books, pins, and stickers you need!


Cocktail Hour with Madame: The Boulevardier

A Tool to Ignore Self-Important Male Authors

Boulevardiers, darling, are wonderful. They are the marriage of two of my favorite things: Negronis and Manhattans. Read more.


How To Survive Inktober 2017

Three artists on staying motivated -- and having fun -- through a tough art challenge

If your fingers already ache and your spine makes a disconcerting creaking noise whenever you start to turn your head, you’re not alone. Three artists offer support and tips on how to survive Inktober 2017. Read more.


What We Need From a Remake of The Craft

If the 1996 cult classic gets reworked anytime soon, there are a few worthwhile updates we should consider.

The Craft has become a cult classic since its release in 1996, and deservedly so! While I love the original as much as everyone else, I think there could be some serious benefits from an update. Read more.


Afternoon Snack

A link round-up of gay ice skating, the passage of time, and lace fences.

As we continue our steady march through the year, and we enter the season of pumpkin spice, cobwebs, and witches' hats, we give you a tasty Afternoon Snack filled with all the good things we could find. Read more.