Afternoon Snack

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It's the Monday after midterm elections, and if you're reading this; congrats, you made it! (We think.) Now it's time to take a little break, enjoy your victories large and small, and marvel at the glittering depths of the Internet with us. Read more.

A Very Chilling Sabrina Roundtable: Episodes 1 & 2

Even More Top Shelf Archie Cinematic Universe Hot Takes

A Special Election Day Notice From Persephone, The Queen Of The Dead

Rocking the Vote with The Dread Queen of Hell

Afternoon Snack

It's not tomorrow yet, so why not enjoy today?

Inktober Highlights 2018

Some of our favorite things from the yearly Inktober holiday

Monstrous Advice: Baba Yaga

All-natural crone wisdom, straight from the source

Afternoon Snack

Take a deep breath, and fortify yourself with this sweet-and-salty snack.

Lessons in Power from My Hero Academia

All Might's not the only one who can teach us how to be a hero.

Throwback Thursday: October 2018

The final throwback of the last 5 (five!!!) years!

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