Afternoon Snack

Shows that make us cry, comics to save the world

Happy Afternoon Snack, my POMEs! Fill up your afternoon cup and join us for some soothing links to get you through this dreary Monday. We're glad to have you! Read more.

Omega 4 Replay: Episode 19

Featuring the space equivalent of Werther's Originals

Museum of Natural Mystery – Exhibit 19b: The Owl-Witch and the Big Bird

Are La Lechuza and South Texas's Historic Cryptid Connected?

Consentiquette: An Unsuitable Heir

Consent isn’t just the most vital part of any romance; it’s also good manners.

Afternoon Snack

Thirsty teens, excellent TV, and a grandpa with his guitar

The Eternal Appeal of The Princess Bride

From childhood to adulthood, this movie has been a classic for generations, but what makes it work after all these years?

Afternoon Snack

ECCC Cosplay, Wikihow Oscarbait, and Final Fantasy/Shape of Water fanart

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