Afternoon Snack

Good morning to everyone except corporations.

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What I Learned From Reading Guantanamo Voices

An indispensable read to contextualize this year of government despotism.

Afternoon Snack

Featuring: new reporting on racial issues within the comics industry, and some protest news from around the country.

5 Comics to Help You Take a Break From The Real World

Can I offer you some comics in this trying time

Afternoon Snack

Snack is back on the menu with all the 2020 Eisner news.

Budding Romance: A F/F Short

A search for the sensual in these trying times

Voting Safely During COVID

A handy checklist

Do More

What is work/life balance anyway???

Announcing: “Doing the Reading!”

A collective political education group centered on abolitionist feminism

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