Nerd Culture 2.22: You Can (Not) Be Content

An exploration of nerd culture through the vast enterprise of Let's Plays.

To many, Let’s Plays are yet another cog in the content machine that has dominated our lives. But for others, they are and have been a portal to intimate connection with a stranger. Read more.

Afternoon Snack

Good witch, bad witch, red witch, blue witch.

Is There a Sci-Fi Seminary: Exploring Fantasy Religion

Three Insights From Three Fictional Religions

Pick an Aggretsuko Character and We’ll Give You One Self-Care Method

Because everyone deserves to take time for themselves

Afternoon Snack

A mix of somber and sweet.

What’s Wrong With Your Date

Based on His Fave Russian Novel

Omega 4 Replay: Episode 22

Friends & frenemies on the Citadel

International Sailor Moon Day Austin 2018: An Announcement

Thanks for all the memories, ISMD Austin fans!

Romance Roundtable #7: Beauty and the Beastmaster

"A girl trying to have it all, including this hunky beastmaster."

Days That Got Away — A Cryptid Summer Playlist

Because everyone needs some summer jams, cryptids included

Afternoon Snack

Pride Month, seditious pockets, and of course, cuties.

I’ll See You in Tokyo

Two best friends reunite and make lifelong memories in Japan

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