October Witchfinder Contest

Each year, wyrd and witchy Halloween merchandise finds its way into stores across the country. From fake bottles of pickled spider glands to signs cautioning the reader to beware low-flying brooms, this season is a paradise for anybody who loves decorating their home with silly, spooky junk. To celebrate, we’re holding a contest for the […]

Moon Podcast Power MAKE UP!! – 36 – Elevator to Hell

CC and Ashley cover Sailor Moon Crystal episode 36: “Infinity 9 Infinite Labyrinth 2.” In this episode, your hosts discuss the very gay, very totalitarian Silver Millennium: where the whole world is one government united through lesbian subtext. Also in this episode: the Death of Corn Dick, Mistress 9’s unnerving horny edge, and all our “Mamoru Chiba is […]

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