A Crone’s Pre-Halloween Search History

The big Halloween party is tomorrow night, and the Arch-Crone left her personal croakbook (like chromebook! get it?!) lying around! A particularly precocious young witch in training took a gander through her Googhoul history — here’s what she found:

2:17 PM

Tasteful halloween party decor

Buy candles online

Discount candles

Why are candles so expensive??

Best candles beeswax vs. whale fat

Whale fat availability 2019

Wildcraft aromatherapy recipes

4:24 PM

Crone party supplies

What ever happened to CroneCrate?

25 practical applications for baby teeth

CroneCrate ethical harvesting practices

Halloween party games

Cursed mirror distributors near me

5:58 PM

Halloween recipes

How to make soul cakes taste good actually

Sangria recipe

7:13 PM

Charm to get red-wine stains out of carpet

7:43 PM

Simple and Elegant dessert recipe

Summoning spell groceries

Summoning spell groceries -amazon -drone

8:37 PM

Easy cake baking tutorial

9:23 PM


What is the Dark Web

AOL keyword “The Dark Web”

13 Souls to Trick into Replacing Yours in Hell

How to tell if you’re having a stroke

Memory spells


11:11 PM

No-bake dessert recipe

So, I guess we know what the Crone of Crones is bringing to the Halloween potluck! This hag can tell you: sometimes it’s comforting to think that even the strongest and most grizzled among us need a little help now and then. Stay safe this Halloween, and always know where your fire extinguisher is!

Jenny Mott

Jenny Mott

Jenny is just a Silly Nerd with a lot of Feelings about Comic Books and Friendship and also This Capitalist Yoke We All Share; she enjoys Dogs and Sleeping and Cartoons. Her three favorite words are: Breakfast All Day.

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