A Semi-Definitive Ranking of Halloween Cookies

The spookiest — and some would argue, the sweetest — time of the year is upon us! It’s time for us to revel in horror movie marathons, cute costumes, and of course all manner of treats. While some people’s go-to indulgence this time of year is candy, I have always preferred a solid seasonal cookie. If you too favor the warm embrace of a soft cookie over the classic candy treat, or if you’re just looking to spice up things this Halloween, I’ve compiled a ranking of the best of the best seasonal Halloween cookies. So, get your costumes ready, preheat your ovens, and let’s dive in!

5. Pumpkin Sugar Cookies 

To me, these little guys are the platonic ideal of what a Halloween elementary school party cookie is: simple, a fun shape, pure sugar, but also perfect for dunking into milk! Also pairs well with the juice that came in little jugs we’ve all tried at some point. Take a bite into these cute (but somewhat dry) buddies and transport yourself to a simpler time. 

4. Frosted Halloween Sugar Cookies

The perfect, soft but syrup-y sweet accompaniment for watching horror movies late into the night. Pair these with a nice glass of cold brew coffee to cut through the dense sweetness this bad boy brings to the table. Sink your fangs into the tender flesh of buttercream frosting and let these cookies give you the perfect sugar rush for an all-night spooky movie marathon!

3. Oreo Halloween Cookies

Oreos are a classic cookie for all seasons, but there’s just something about the orange creme and cute little designs they whip out for Halloween that make them taste even better. Enjoy these timeless treats with a spooky twist with a tall glass of milk, with peanut butter (a la The Parent Trap), or on their own as you look out into the inky darkness of Halloween night. Not even the staunchest vampire can resist the crunchy satisfaction of biting into a seasonal Oreo.

2. Halloween Sugar Cookies (with glittery sprinkles!!)

Is there anything like biting into a thick, somewhat crunchy, colorful creation after a long day of work? Maybe these were tossed into your shopping cart on a whim or maybe they were bought to be shared with friends, but wherever these sparkly, decadent cookies came from, they are guaranteed to bring ghoulish delight. Pairs best with milk (of any kind), and a cozy spot of your choosing.

  1. The Pillsbury “Shape” Halloween Cookies in Ghost & Pumpkin

There is something undeniably comforting about baking cookies — even when they’re coming from a package. Yes, the Pillsbury shape sugar cookies are truly a treat for every season, with varieties for Christmas, Easter, and other assorted holidays. However, I think we can all agree that the superior version of these is the Halloween versions. 

Whether you’re into a petite pumpkin or a grand ghost, either design is perfect for ringing in the spookiest season of the year. Take these from your oven (or eat raw, as the package suggests, we’re not judging), and plate on your most seasonal platter. Pair with a warm cider or hot cocoa and enjoy these, the cream of the crop of creepy cookies.

Whether you’re more of a frosted sugar cookie fan or a pumpkin-shaped cookie aficionado, any of these treats are a golden choice. They’re all bound to give you the perfect amount of sugar and spookiness to help you power through Halloween night, even if this year’s festivities are spent at home.

Alejandra Martinez

Alejandra Martinez

Alejandra Martinez is a Tejana archivist, writer, and scholar. When she's not thinking about preservation and access, you can find her reading a good book, watching a David Lynch film, or writing about pop-culture at your local coffee shop.

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