Afternoon Snack

Hello from the other side of the Autumn Equinox! If the cooling temperatures and shyly disappearing sun are making you sleepy, we’ve got an antidote in the form of a perky little Afternoon Snack.

To start – and we recognize this is an unusual moment of praise on this website – we must offer a tip of the witch’s hat to Robert Zombie, known Wife Guy and now, confirmed Baby Metal Stan.

Guess what: POME exhibited at SPX for the very first time this year! Check out this very sweet write-up of SPX 2022 in The Comics Journal, with one of our editorial coven quoted, even. And congrats to this year’s Ignatz winners! We were too asleep to actually attend in person, but we are thrilled for everyone nonetheless.

Elsewhere in comics news, women-in-comics pioneer Lily Renee Phillips got the rare luminary treatment in this lovely New York Times arts section obituary.

Another fascinating report from Ye Olde Comicks: Anime News Network has a really cool interview with Macoto Takahashi, one of the important developers of early shojo manga style.

Speaking of shojo: anyone out there wanna get gay married? Because: !!!!

That’s all for now – back to hibernating with the toadstools! Or something! FALL!

Ashley Gallagher

Ashley Gallagher

Ashley writes comics and emails from zir burrow in the Pacific Northwest. Ze is a sentient subtropical swamp fern whose favorite food is old words.
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