Afternoon Snack

As the days grow darker and cooler, we are finding ourselves ever sleepier and even more in need of a pick-me-up! Join us for an energizing Afternoon Snack.

As Texans, we feel somewhat obligated to begin with a RIP to Loretta Lynn, a country music star who leaves behind a mixed legacy: both of a unique voice vocalizing the struggles of working class (though implicitly white) women, and of vexing politics.

Wakanda Forever promo is in full swing ahead of its November release, and if you are eagerly anticipating the movie, you’re going to want to read this heartfelt cover story on director Ryan Coogler’s and the cast’s approach to making a Black Panther movie indelibly marked by grief.

In the wake of the news that many of Disco Elysium’s key contributors have left its game company behind due to extreme Capitalist Shenanigans, we’ve been indulging in stories about the enduring legacies of deeply weird games. Cue: The Sims 2 for Nintendo DS, featuring eerie landscapes and (accidental?) murder.

“It’s like Strangetown is just a weird representation of Sim Purgatory where all of these Sims are trapped in this fancy hotel, surrounded by nothing but sand,” said /u/LazerGuidedMelody. “It’s like Hotel California. They can check out anytime, but they can never leave,” they continued. “They’re always coming back, stuck there, just milling around and wallowing in despair and/or insanity.”


Perhaps it was inevitable, but we have learned today that the already Pratt-cursed Mario movie has doubled down on controversy by flattening Mario’s once-juicy working class ass. You expect a short king to jump to the moon with glutes like this????

Elsewhere in Capitalist Game Hell, one writer took one for the team and went to “Walmart Land” in Roblox so we don’t have to. Content warning for the word “verch.”

If you made it this far, here is a pretty thing to palate-cleanse your brain as you go on with your week!

Ashley Gallagher

Ashley Gallagher

Ashley writes comics and emails from zir burrow in the Pacific Northwest. Ze is a sentient subtropical swamp fern whose favorite food is old words.

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