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Sweet Potato Pie: A Thanksgiving Recipe Comic

How to make Ashley's family's take on this holiday classic.

It's fall -- time for cooler weather, cute sweaters, and holidays. But, most importantly, it's pie season. Read more.

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A Ritual for Summoning Your Muse

This ritual is for all my creative witches & wizards, my magical artists, writers, & cartoonists. Get ready to summon your muse! Read more.


How To Be a Boss Vendor

Boss Witch Ashley Franklin has heard you're thinking about vending at your first comics event! She thinks that's awesome, and if you're interested, she's here to offer some Boss Witch advice. Read more.

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A Lone Traveler From Earth

Exploring an unfamiliar world

I'd been there for three weeks...No friends, no family. Exciting, but terrifying. Read more.

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The Ghost Dream

I think about being a ghost a lot. Read more.

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