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Space Out Your Space with Outer Space-y Decor

Make your place the coolest stop in the solar system with these rad accessories

If one of your goals for 2018 is to escape the planet Earth (and let’s be real: it is), here’s the ultimate way to do that—by making your home transport you and any visitors to the cosmos as soon as you walk through the door. Read more.

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The Shape of Water and the Heart of Shipping

Why the romance between a mute janitor and an amphibian man made my fangirl heart soar

Guillermo del Toro unmistakably approaches this tale with a shipper’s heart, and the result is something truly magical on more levels than I could have ever dreamed. Read more.

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Guide to Magical Gift-Giving this Holiday Season

Surprise and delight all your favorite humans with fantastic presents

I thrive on the creative energy and thrilling detective work that goes into finding genuinely fabulous surprises. Today, I shall share my infinite wisdoms with you. Use them wisely and for good. Read more.

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Fanficiton Flashback: Shipping Myself with Wolverine

Rereading my teenage self-insert "sequel" to the movie X2: X-Men United

I set this fanfic a few months after the events of X2, and it begins with Logan returning from a motorcycle ride to find an unfamiliar pickup truck parked in front of the school. Little does he know, it belongs to the Coolest Mutant Girl Evar, and she will later judge him for enjoying beer. Read more.

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Fangirl Nostalgia: Rereading My Teenage Fanfiction

Adolescent adventures in shipping, self-inserts, and questionable romantic subplots

After a recent deep clean, I came across my old spirals and folders containing these vintage, handwritten fanfics. So, I dusted them off and decided to share a few exceptional gems with the world. Read more.

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Dragon armor makes sense AND is rad as hell. So, um, where is it?

One singular issue is now at the front of my mind regarding this show: The very serious and absurd lack of DRAGON ARMOR. Read more.

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The Purge: 13 Questionable Things I Found During a “Deep Clean” of My Bedroom

This ultimate quest took me to strange and dangerous places, full of odd discoveries that made me say, out loud, “Why the hell did I keep this?” Read more.


Atomic Blonde’s One Glaring Mistake (and How a Sequel Could Fix It)

Delphine deserved better than this toxic, cliche trope.

For everything this film gets right, there is one misstep that left a bad taste in my mouth, especially because of how groundbreaking (and easy!) the opposite outcome would have been. Read more.


30 Human Behaviors I Still Don’t Understand at Age 30

Are you guys ok?

This isn’t me being judgey or turning up my nose at other people. I’m genuinely baffled. If you do the things on this list, I’m quietly wondering if you have some kind of superhuman abilities that I’m missing out on. I’m also maybe the tiniest bit concerned for you. Read more.


13 Completely Necessary Mermaid Accessories for Summer

Embrace a mermaid aesthetic this year...or else

If land people everywhere don’t incorporate the maximum amount of mermaids into our summer essentials, the whole season is literally cancelled. Flip-flops and snow cones aren’t going to cut it, alright? The sea goddess Salacia is watching, and she must be appeased. Read more.

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