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Lore: Amazon’s Monster

How Aaron Mahnke Frankensteined TV, a podcast, and the historically supernatural

Podcasts have become all the rage within the past few years: hell, even I have one. There are shows for pop culture, true crime, cooking, fictional stories, traveling, finances, and so much more. A couple years back, I found a podcast that combined two things I love: history and the supernatural. Read more.


A Sip of Jasmine Tea

Live-Action Aladdin and Colorism

This movie had so much potential for groundbreaking representation. Read more.


21 Thoughts When Re-Watching Game of Thrones

A.K.A. Really Watching For The First Time

Cersei, a member of one of the richest families of the realm, had a wig right out of a B-list Lifetime biopic throughout seasons one through five. They couldn't afford to get her a decent lace front? Read more.

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