Ashley Robinson

Ashley is a worker bee in the entertainment world, a dreamer and aspiring studio exec, and a co-host of the comedy and current events podcast, The Pretty Witty Podcast. Ashley is a Texas Ex, a Harry Potter fanatic, a ravenous lover of anime and DC comics, mother of Spunk, the dog, and Time Magazine's 2006 Person of the Year. She enjoys reading, watching any and all television for "research," listening and singing to all types of music, and tasting new types of tequilas.



Featured work


Black (Super)Power

Black Panther is premiering  to an overpowering amount of hype, excitement, and anticipation for the all-star, mostly black cast. The fervor, for many people of

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Lore: Amazon’s Monster

Podcasts have become all the rage within the past few years: hell, even I have one. There are shows for pop culture, true crime, cooking,

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A Sip of Jasmine Tea

Like most people my age, I grew up during the Disney Renaissance: a time when Disney’s Animation Studio brought us some of the best animated

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