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Viewing Vampyress at the Vortex

A Beautiful Bloodbath

On this, All Hallows Eve, is there anything better than reliving a phantasmal frolic of blood-soaked beauty upon a gilded stage? Oh, yeah, did I mention there aren’t any men? Vampyress, as performed by Ethos and the Vortex, ran from September 22 to October 28 and it was a seductive, rich work of over-the-top gothic lunacy. Read more.

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Summoning the Mother of Cats

When the moon is full and your heart is heavy, the time is right to summon the Mother of Cats. Read more.

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Big Girls Don’t Crush


When you think you're too old for the shoujo romances of your youth, and yet! Read more.


Simple Sigils for Every Day

These sigils are easy for even the most novice of witches. Read more.

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Remembering Jane: Boss Crone and Matriarch Supreme

My grandmother was a badass. That’s probably not the most proper thing to say about your Grandmom, but it’s the absolute truth. She was a true Boss Crone, though she probably wouldn’t have been super keen on the word “crone” -- but maybe she would have come around after I explained that it means “Rad, Independent Lady that Gets Shit Done.” She was courageous and funny and fierce and poised, but most of all, she lived her life exactly the way she wanted, and let no one tell her any different. Read more.

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Aromatherapy Recipes for Every Crone’s Home

A crone's home should always be a place of positive energy and happiness - but even the best of us can leave our homes open to nasty spirits without realizing it. Aromatherapy is a simple way to banish gross spirits and make your house smell crazy nice! Read more.

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A Love Letter to My Cats

You are the banes of my existence.

Read more.

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Five Stages of a Star Trek Binge

Star Trek: The Next Generation is a classic. You know this; everyone knows this. You will no longer accept being the one left out of the conversation! So, you clear out your weekend schedule, purchase all of the edible necessities, and prepare for an adventure upon the USS Enterprise. Read more.

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