Caitlin Zellers

Caitlin is a comic artist and cat mom living deep in the weirdness of Austin, Texas. She's super excited to be contributing to POME! You can find her lurking around the comic shop, art supply store, or anywhere they serve pizza with extra mushrooms.

Let’s Talk About Death! Episode 2

Just a Deathcare Girl in a Corona World

Let’s Talk About Death!

Cait and Winston are here to answer your death-related questions

Cookin’ With Cait: Pumpkin Bread

Everything you need to make two big loaves of pumpkin bread

Life Goals, Wife Goals: Good Omens

An extra-ineffable Life Goals Wife Goals

Life Goals, Wife Goals: Bob’s Burgers

A Spotlight on the Fabulous Ladies of Bob's Burgers

Life Goals, Wife Goals: Umbrella Academy

Welcome to the Umbrella Academy (Life Goals, Wife Goals Review)

Life Goals, Wife Goals: Holiday Movie Edition

Seasonal Movie Women We Want to Marry and/or Become, Courtesy of Two Queer Women

I Am A Cryptid

Fighting internalized misogyny by connecting with your inner demons

Cookin’ With Cait: Ultimate Chicken Noodle Soup!

Even more delicious meal prep for the cat lady on-the-go

Cookin’ With Cait: Makin’ Taco Soup!

Delicious meal prep for the cat lady on-the-go

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