Connor Shea

Connor Shea is a small press enthusiast and cartoonist from Austin, TX. You can find his work online at and . He is also a co-editor of the Rough House Comix anthology ( )

Small Press Comics Reviews Peow Studio v.2

Dust Pam, Stages of Rot, and Rule Break

Small Press Reviews April 2017

Castle Quest, The Worst, and Dunce Number One

Small Press Comics Review: RAV 2nd Collection

Movement, narrative, and readability in Mickey Z's RAV

Out There #5

Always There

Out There #4

Radio Range

Out There #3

Heavenly Bodies

Out There #2

Distracting Yourself from the Vastness of Space

Out There #1

Drifting Through the Void of Space

Small Press Comics Review January 2017

The Frailty of Human Life in Laid Waste and No Visitors

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