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Small Press Comics Reviews Peow Studio v.2

Dust Pam, Stages of Rot, and Rule Break

If you love really good-looking comics then good-look no further. Read more.


Small Press Comics Reviews TCAF 2017

Whoa. I cannot stress enough how impressively, overwhelmingly large the 2017 Toronto Comic Arts Festival felt. There was so much good stuff there that even nibbling at the edges was worthwhile! Anyway, here are a few of the things I picked up over the weekend. Read more.


Small Press Reviews April 2017

Castle Quest, The Worst, and Dunce Number One

Read more.


Small Press Comics Review: RAV 2nd Collection

Movement, narrative, and readability in Mickey Z's RAV

Should comics be easy to read? Read more.


Small Press Comics Reviews February 2017

Bad Times, Good Comics

It’s a shame that while comics seem to just get better and better, everything else in America seems poised to get worse. Oh, well. Here are some comics I enjoyed over the past month. Read more.


Out There #5

Always There

Space: the final frontier. Space: where no one can hear you scream. Space: I'm lovin' it. Read more.


Out There #4

Radio Range

I suppose if I ever get bored of my hobbies, I could turn my communicator back on and talk to Carl... Read more.


Out There #3

Heavenly Bodies

My favorite hobby is making up constellations! This one's Arthur the Cat. Read more.


Out There #2

Distracting Yourself from the Vastness of Space

One of my hobbies is counting. So far, I've counted to 472,544! Read more.


Out There #1

Drifting Through the Void of Space

So, I've been floating in space for a while now. Don't bother asking how long exactly. I'm not really sure. Read more.

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