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Museum of Natural Mystery – Exhibit 18b: Sunk Cost

The Other Real-Life Whale That Inspired Moby Dick

Part 2 of NatMysteryCast's deep dive into the real whales that inspired Moby Dick! In 1820, an enormous sperm whale sank the whaleship Essex. The surviving crew soon found that the vengeful whale was the least of their worries. Read more.


Museum of Natural Mystery – Exhibit 18a: Nantucket Sleighride

The Real-Life Whales That Inspired Moby Dick

It's NatMysteryCast's first ever-two part episode! We're taking a look at two famous whales that inspired Herman Melville to write his novel Moby Dick. Read more.


Museum of Natural Mystery – Catch ‘Em All #2: Extant Pokemon

Exploring the Origins of Not-Quite-Extinct Pokemon

Giant insects, Greek myths, and ancient cryptids? The inspirations for these prehistoric Pokémon might surprise you! Read more.


Museum of Natural Mystery – Exhibit 17: Olga the Saint

Our Lady of Vengeance

This is the story of a murdered prince, and the princess who wiped out an entire people to avenge him. Read more.


Museum of Natural Mystery – Exhibit 16: Feline Intervention

The Cat-aclysmic Story of Stephens Island

Today's episode tells the tale of an endangered bird, the forces that hunted it to extinction, and the cat that got blamed for everything. Read more.


Museum of Natural Mystery – Exhibit 15: Making Friends

Old Dogs, New Tricks

Dogs: mankind’s constant companions. They love us, and we love them. Anyone who’s got a dog knows the bond runs deeper than owner and pet. It’s a symbiotic relationship that predates the domestication of cats, livestock, even crops. Before we invented agriculture, math, or written language, we invented the dog. Today, we’re taking a look at the processes of unnatural selection that shaped man’s best friend. Read more.


Museum of Natural Mystery – Small Wonder # 5: No Matter How You Slice It

Science is Cool. Just ask Professor Anusuya Chinsamy-Turan, award-winning South African paleobiologist.

Today, we spotlight Professor Anusuya Chinsamy-Turan: a South African paleobiologist who is out there proving that while the dinosaurs might be extinct, paleontology is still very much alive. Read more.


Museum of Natural Mystery – Exhibit 14: Backtracking with Bigfoot

Tracing the Origins of the Biggest Name in American Cryptozoology

Bigfoot: Missing link? Feral human? Hoax? Today’s Museum of Natural Mystery examines Bigfoot’s arrival in the public eye, and it’s evasion of that eye ever since. Read more.


Museum of Natural Mystery – Exhibit 13: Terrible Lizards

What was the first-known dinosaur?

What was the first dinosaur to be called a dinosaur? Museum of Natural Mystery is back for season 2! Read more.


Museum of Natural Mystery – Small Wonder # 4: The Sea Monster of Soay

Lesser-Known Scottish Water Monster

What was the Soay Island Sea Monster? Fear and sensationalism can make monsters out of any creature, but some animals don't need help from tall tales to be terrifying in their own right. Read more.

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