Harri Chan

Harri is a cheesecake enthusiast, videogame lover, and disgruntled college student. When they grow up they want to be a writer, or an archaeologist, or a barista. Whatever, they'll figure it out. You can find them @heyriette on Twitter.



Featured work

Cassandra Goth playing the violin under a full moon in pure goth fashion.

An Encyclopedia of Goth Girls in the Sims

We all know about Bella Goth, with her iconic red dress and alien abduction in the Sims 2. But the Sims franchise is actually rife with alternative ladies that deserve a moment in the spotlight.

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Theseus Review: Minotaur Blues

I, like many others, went through a Greek mythology phase in middle school. Thanks to Hades and the Queer Literature course I took last semester

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The Magic of Mutazione

A few months ago, I was browsing itch.io and saw that a game called Mutazione was on sale. Since I am easily lured in by

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