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A Practical Guide to Bewitching Baseball

Two great October flavors that taste great together.

Few sports are as uncertain as baseball, so with the postseason fast approaching, I naturally asked my wife to consult her most familiar tarot deck to see what a single card reading would say about the October outcome of her hometown favorite team, the Los Angeles Dodgers. Read more.

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The Avant-Garde of Women’s Cycling

Inside the techniques of modern velo-witches.

I sat down with Yulia Chernykh, a professional cyclist for the Kalashnikov-Polonium-210 team who also happens to be a witch, for a rare interview at a cafe. Read more.


Four Ways That Millennials Really Are Different

Millennials are indolent, entitled narcissists who are wiping out entire economies and setting fire to the American dream. Or are they the future of the human world as a result of the very nature of linear time? Either way, everyone on the internet has a pet theory about what sets the millennial generation apart, and I’m not about to ride the bench through such a gold rush. As I write this, another seems to be making the rounds about how millennials have ruined vacation, a criticism many of us probably remember our parents leveling at us since our childhoods. However, the truth is that every one of these articles spectacularly misses the point of what really sets millennials apart, and there are four simple ways in which the millennial generation differ profoundly from the rest of the population. Read more.

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