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Mischa Harcourt


Ice Cream with a Side of Butterflies

A summer outing with my first lady crush that I'll never forget

By some stroke of luck, we’re right next to each other in line at the ice cream shop. Am I imagining it, or is she gravitating toward me on purpose? Read more.


How a Childhood Friendship with a Narcissist Still Affects Me Today

Think about that friend you have who is impossible to make plans with. Read more.


My Excessive Daydreaming is a Gift, Not a Problem

Without my wandering mind, I might be more productive, ambitious, and outgoing, but I’m not sure I’d even recognize that person. Read more.


Why I’ll Never Stay with Another Partner Who Yells at Me

Wanting to be treated with kindness and respect is not too much to ask

After becoming so normalized to the idea that men yell when they’re angry, my ex-boyfriend's “temper” made perfect sense to me. It wasn’t a surprise. In fact, it was one of a few ways he reminded me of my father. Likewise, it was one of a few red flags I missed over and over again. Read more.


Why Do My Friends Assume I’m Straight?

Musings of a not-totally-closeted fledgling bisexual

I wish I could say “I’m open to dating but I never meet anyone” and they would respond with “What type of people are you interested in?” Read more.