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Afternoon Snack

A new year, a new Snack with all your favorite things

IT'S TWENTY EIGHTEEEEEEEEEENNNNNN!!!!!!! Thanks for being here. Let's dig in!! Read more.


8 Scented Gifts, Ranked By Stench

Rating popular “you are a woman” gifts by how likely they are to singe your nostrils

This guide will help you sort through the pile of obligatory scented holiday gifts and keep only the ones that won’t destroy your olfactory glands. Read more.

Double Feature

A cinematic pairing, made with love and care.

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Throwback Thursday: December 2017

Ghosts of our best content from Decembers past

From dog reviews that will make you ugly-cry on a bus to hauntingly sweet comics about ghosts to merman boyfriends, we're taking a look back at some quality content you might have missed in the past three years. Read more.


Afternoon Snack

The last snack of 2017!!!

It's been a year, y'all. Thanks for sticking through it with us. On this very last Afternoon Snack of 2017, we're wishing all of you a safe holiday and a much better time in the new year. Let's get to it! Read more.


Happy Holidays from POMEmag!

A festive treat from our coven to yours.

Happy holidays, friends! Your friendly neighborhood POME Editorial Crones will be back on Wednesday, December 27th with all the witchy internet for sensitive weirdos that your heart can take. Read more.

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Omega 4 Replay: Episode 16

You don't need a telescope to see these ~heavenly bodies~

This week's Omega 4 Replay might not be entirely safe work...unless you work on the Normandy. Then anything goes. Read more.

Omega 4 Replay

Rachel and CC embark on a intrepid journey to replay the original Mass Effect trilogy in comic form.

Ask Persephone

Advice from the Magestic Queen of the Shades, for the mere mortals of this earthly plane.


Riverdale Roundtable 9: “Silent Night, Deadly Night”

Deck the halls with South Side Santas

Today we’re talking about Season 2 Episode 9: “Silent Night, Deadly Night.” Last week's Riverdale was full of gifts: symbolism! communism! questions the show will probably never answer! So in the spirit of giving, we offer you this mid-season finale recap full of Riverdale shouting. Read more.

#popculture, #videogames

10 Things Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Taught Me About Friendship

Who knew the key to friendship could be found in furniture and bugs?

I knew there would be adorable animals, a relaxing atmosphere, and an overall wholesome vibe, but I wasn’t expecting the lessons Pocket Camp taught me about friendship along the way. Read more.


Afternoon Snack

The return of She-Ra, an AI's Harry Potter fanfic, and the true reason for the season

As this calendar year comes to a close and we reach the pinnacle of our holiday shopping season, take a moment to relax, drink some tea, and dig into this internet goodness. We got you. Read more.

#feels, #popculture

The Shape of Water and the Heart of Shipping

Why the romance between a mute janitor and an amphibian man made my fangirl heart soar

Guillermo del Toro unmistakably approaches this tale with a shipper’s heart, and the result is something truly magical on more levels than I could have ever dreamed. Read more.

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