So You Want To Create A Picture Book? Part 2

hi picture book friends! now that you have explored trends like STEM...
and read lots of kid books...
it's time to put your resulting ideas into words and pictures.
mr. mousespeare will teach you how to write and illustrate your own picture book
here, as before, volume is key. practice, practice, and practice
as you practice, join as many groups and mini schools as you can!
here are some fun places to join: storyteller academy, s.c.b.w.i, 12 x 12 challenge, make art that sells
as you learn and write and draw, join critique groups for feedback!
some tips: learn to take good feedback from the bad. never quit. you've got this!
creativity can be messy, but try to organize your work and time
start small! make a small mini book or "dummy," write an outline for your manuscript, say "hi" at a conference!
once you have: a portfolio, 1 dummy, 2-3 more manuscripts... you are ready to publish
publishing is slow. take time to learn, polish, and connect. learn more next time!
some last-minute resources: storystorm, cbig-nyc, skillshare, domestika, your local art schoo

Join us next time for Part 3 on So You Want To Create Your Own Picture Book?, publishing version! Follow Sophie Furman on Instagram @SophieFurmanArt and on TikTok @SophieFurmanArt :).

Sophie Furman

Sophie Furman

Sophie Furman (she/they) is a big fan of everything inclusive, geeky, sweet, and squishy (especially a very fluffy pup Cookie). She loves to illustrate, make stickers, and talk about books, Procreate brushes, and food.
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