So You Want To Create Your Own Picture Book? Part 1

so you want to create your own picture book? by sophie furman
i'm miss muffins, and i will show you how to create a picture book!
first things first, let me help you with your first idea!
picture books are: 32 pages, for kids 2-8 years old, life lessons for children
ideas are everywhere! read lots to see examples
borrow, buy kid books, even virtually. volume is key!
Bonus: read with a kid. which parts do they like?
while researching, note trends. examples: STEM, diversity, biography
after fun research and fun trends, it's time for your idea! what is new? is it on trend? yay,  you have your idea!
next up includes how to write and draw, how to find picture book friends
Even later: after learning to create, learn publishing... write and draw like mr. mousespeare

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Sophie Furman

Sophie Furman

Sophie Furman (she/they) is a big fan of everything inclusive, geeky, sweet, and squishy (especially a very fluffy pup Cookie). She loves to illustrate, make stickers, and talk about books, Procreate brushes, and food.

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