So You Want To Create Your Own Picture Book? Part 3

welcome picture book friends! I hope that you've written, drawn, revised, and connected!
You have read other picture books, gotten you first idea, and created lots!
I'm Miss Beaks and I will teach you the last step: publishing you picture book!
Here I would recommend: a pitch, an agent, an active social media presence.
work with the critique groups, clubs, and classes you joined to craft the perfect pitch!
an agent will submit your work to publishers. start by researching them. find one on manuscript wishlist, at conferences, and by word of mouth.
first, vet your agent. never pay up front to submit. ask to talk to some of their clients. trust your gut. have a solid contract. submit on query tracker, or, based on their submissions guidelines.
follow and engage with fellow PB friends on: instagram, tiktok. follow agents on twitter. keep posting. join challenges.
there are three main pathways to get published: 1. traditional. 2. indie publishers. 3. self-publishing.
1. traditional, or "the big 5" are big publishing houses that have been around for years and have a lot of reach. Penguin/Random House. Hachette Book Group. Harper Collins. Simon and Schuster. Macmillan.
2. The indies. Another way "in" to publishing is through smaller, independent houses.
3. self-publishing. another way to publish is through print-on-demand publishing, like amazon KDP, or self-publishing services. no need for an agent or pitch!
what to do post-publishing. ideas: school and library visits. promoting book, such as on social media, on blogs, or on amazon.
Yay, you did it! Now you know how to: get an idea, create it, and publish it!
Thank you for wanting to change kids' lives!
Free Resources: Kid Lit 411 on Facebook. SVS Learn Forum. Instagram challenges hashtag inktober, hashtag 100 day challenge. your local library. get scholarships!

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Sophie Furman

Sophie Furman

Sophie Furman (she/they) is a big fan of everything inclusive, geeky, sweet, and squishy (especially a very fluffy pup Cookie). She loves to illustrate, make stickers, and talk about books, Procreate brushes, and food.

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