Five Stages of a Star Trek Binge

Star Trek: The Next Generation is a classic. You know this; everyone knows this. You will no longer accept being the one left out of the conversation! So, you clear out your weekend schedule, purchase all of the edible necessities, and prepare for an adventure upon the USS Enterprise. 1. Anticipation You have plans for […]

10 Pieces of Space Jewelry to show your Cosmic Love

You’ll never convince me that outer space is out of style. And if you’re anything like me, you welcome any additions to your wardrobe that let your geek chic vibe shine like the brightest of stars. With that in mind, I have two words for you: Space. Jewelry. What better way to celebrate an enigmatic […]

Double Feature: Jupiter Ascending & Magic Mike XXL

In honor of Space Week, this installment of “Jenny, Y’know I Don’t See How That’s Going to Work But I Trust You,” is the truest, Tatum-iest of blessings. So, y’know, strap in and prepare yourself for some heartwarming hunks, some as(s)tronomical bulges, and also: space rollerblades. This week: Jupiter Ascending – Magic Mike XXL Jupiter […]

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