Afternoon Snack

Here in the U.S. we had a long weekend, and we hope that you got to spend it in whatever way you needed — a restful weekend alone, a weekend of familial or friendly bonding, or a productive weekend of finally knocking out all those chores you’ve been putting it off. Either way, we’re here to start the week off with a tasty Afternoon Snack.



Two women invented a male co-founder for their startup because this world is terrible and sexism is real.



Women Write About Comics was taking submissions for a Joss Whedon zine titled “We Told You” and wow we are so glad that people are not letting Joss Whedon off on his shit. Also the ladies behind Women Write About Comics are the heroes need.



We’re crying about this article — Sayo Yamamoto and women like her are out there doing the goddess’ work, and we are lucky to have them.



This is a cool list of lots of women editors in comics. We are here and we’re going to make our mark.



One of the POME editors, Ashley, has become religious for the sole purpose of praying every day that one day someone will pay her to write this.



The developer behind POME-fave Stardew Valley is making a magic school game (Stardew Valley meets Little Witch Academia) and could this game be made even more directly to end all our free time????



Over 2,000 people in Minnesota’s state capitol have signed a petition to replace a statue of Christopher Columbus with a statue of Prince and we say DO ITTTTT!!!!



As always, we’re wishing you all the best! Keep in touch, we love you!


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