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Afternoon Snack

Mood: extremely born to make history!!!

Afternoon Snack

It's not tomorrow yet, so why not enjoy today?

Inktober Highlights 2018

Some of our favorite things from the yearly Inktober holiday

Afternoon Snack

Take a deep breath, and fortify yourself with this sweet-and-salty snack.

Throwback Thursday: October 2018

The final throwback of the last 5 (five!!!) years!

Afternoon Snack

Sneak previews! Drag balls of history! Finding True Love on reality TV!

Afternoon Snack

The world is burning, but so is our love for good and pure content.


Comics Crones, tell us how to live! Send us your spell comics!

Afternoon Snack

Leaning very heavily into men-free content.

ETERNAL WITCHCRAFT Submissions Guidelines

Details and guidelines for your ETERNAL WITCHCRAFT submission

Afternoon Snack

Guaranteed good news.

Throwback Thursday: September 2018

Five more years!! Five more years!!

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