Afternoon Snack

We just got back from Staple! and we had such a great time meeting so many lovely folks! Thanks for swinging by and talking with us about comics, witches, and the really incredible aesthetic that everybody at this show had. Y’all are the best!

And now, your Afternoon Snack!



If you love Welcome to Night Vale and also The Mountain Goats, well, wow, is there a podcast for you.



In light of recent announcements about an all-girls Lord of the Flies movie, Riance Konc at the New Yorker imagines how this scenario would unfold. Look, I know this is a little Rose Colored Glasses about the way girls handle conflicts but above all, this all-star quote right here:

“And another thing,” Jackie said. “Should we have a rule that whoever has the conch gets to speak? You know, so no one gets interrupted?” “But who,” ventured Simone, “is here to interrupt us?”



This is really the meme that never stops giving.




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Terry Pratchett’s hard drive, filled with his unfinished novels, has been destroyed by a steamroller — just as he wished it.



Miss Texas called out Trump about his weak, middling statement regarding neo-nazis in Charlottesville and we couldn’t be more pleased to (finally) have somebody from Texas speaking out against all that horse shit on a national platform.



This glorious terrible Dear Prudie featuring a cartoon villain mom (second question on the site). Basically: daughter is planning her wedding and wants to invite her best friend to be her maid of honor. Mom tries to convince her not to put her best friend in the wedding because BFF walks with a limp and it would be “unsightly” and would ruin her “perfect” wedding. Mom is BAFFLED that her daughter will no longer speak with her. Thanks, as always, to Mallory Ortberg and all that she does.



Fuck Maria Sharapova and her racist bullshit.



That’s all we got for now, y’all! Thanks again for swinging by (both in the digital space and irl at Staple)! ✨


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