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We want to say that if you’re posting #MeToo right now, we see you and we believe you and we love you. If you have a #MeToo that you would prefer not to post, we support you and we love you too.


On to the Afternoon Snack.



This post might be a lot, but it made us cry and is so powerful — the question about forgiveness and estranged family members at the time of death is so fraught, and there’s no one right answer. Take care of yourself, take care of the people that you feel like you can.



Rick and Morty is a smart, pointed takedown of egotistical, despondent, lonely men who sacrifice the people around them and their own humanity for the sake of the their own dumb emptiness. Sadly, but maybe not surprisingly, lots of Rick and Morty fans (men) have a hard time seeing that and demonstrated what total dickbags they are with the complete and utter fiasco that was McDonald’s re-release of its Szechuan sauce. Wow. So surprising. [eye rolling intensifies]



Autostraddle delivers again with this great insight on the queer representation and experience at this year’s New York Comic Con! Maybe next year we’ll see y’all there!



I love Final Fantasy 9, but when I was a kiddo and playing it for the first time I don’t think I picked up one the really great implications above war and the forces that drive society towards it. This article on Polygon reminds us that FF9 is not only a fantastic game, but it’s also (unfortunately) incredibly timely, as the narrative focuses on how a peaceful world is pushed to war and widespread destruction by the malicious intentions of a just a few people.



A good comic from The Nib that highlights some of the best existential fall fashions for 2017!



BuzzFeed is out to takedown the Harvey Weinstein’s of industries outside of film/TV, and is open to anonymous tips. We are incredibly invested in comics as a medium, and would not be sad to see some of the assholes in that industry take a hit from this.



Thanks for your time, y’all. You’re great.


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