Afternoon Snack

Halloween is tomorrow and we are VERY EXCITED but also kind of sad because that means we’re almost done with our favorite time of year. Time to make the most of it! Let’s get into our last October 2017 Afternoon Snack!!



Women Write About Comics absolutely never ever disappoints and this piece about romancing Good Boy Jaal is Mass Effect: Andromeda feels like it was written for us, specifically.



Fans of comics journalism can now look forward to Heidi MacDonald going full-time over at The Beat, now that it’s been acquired by Lion Forge. Hell yeah for kickass ladies doing kickass work in the comics industry!!



We love crones (obviously), so this piece about the prevalence of crones/hags/monster old women speaks to some of the reasons why crones are feared by a society that only finds worth in people who contain themselves to strict, socially acceptable boundaries.


Witness the shrunken or sagging breasts; the angular features; the irresistible physical strength. These are not, and cannot be, nurturing mothers or seductive objections of sexual fascination — and therefore, they have no cultural use except as a figure of revulsion.  What is left for a woman who has no point, other than to frighten and terrorize?



A neural network has been trained to design Halloween costumes and we are dying. Tag yourself: we’re “a masked box”.



Via Ashley: “I am very excited about this, 305 til I die, yours truly, Miami Trash 4eva”



Chelsea Manning on why she retweets her trolls. Chelsea Manning is a Gift; a pure beam of light in the darkness. ????



We want to plug The Pomegranate Witch, a children’s book of poems for the young crones in your life, as it is v On Brand and also lovely.



This post about the family responsible for the opioid crisis from the New Yorker has been making the rounds over the course of the past week but it’s a real-life horror story. Hopefully Patrick Radden Keefe’s masterful reporting will lead to folks finally holding the Sackler family responsible for all the lives they’ve ruined.



Thanks for spending the last of these precious October moments with us, y’all. As All Hallow’s Eve descends upon us, you can find us flying through the sky, screeching into the winds, demanding breakfast food.


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As we spiral ever further towards certain catastrophe on this interminable mortal coil, there are some lights of hope that pass fleetingly by. Most often: the crones or otherwise eternal baddies found in all of our favorite escapist media. And so we present our top ten 2023 Crones of the Year.

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