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Welcome to November, y’all! It’s time for your weekly bit of internet goodness.



X-Men: The Animated Series was such a staple in our childhoods that it’s hard to believe that at one point this was a tough sell to networks. Good on Margaret Loesch for bringing Jubilee into our young lives!!



Piracy is a depressing reality that so many creators are faced with, but Maggie Stiefvater had a cool strategy for proving that piracy actually hurt a book’s e-sales, and the extremely real consequences that has for the likelihood of subsequent books in a series getting published. Hell yeah, Maggie, we’re with you.



Britney Spears posted an insta of her son and step-daughter’s freaking juvenile anime drawings ????????????




Jordan Peele is bringing back the Twilight Zone and we don’t deserve it or him!!!



Teen Vogue is going fully digital. In publishing, people have been lamenting the death of print for years, but putting the good work that Teen Vogue has been doing exclusively online is more problematic than it might seem — it assumes that all girls have access to the same technologies and internet connection, and it’s obvious at even a cursory glance that the girls who need the work that Teen Vogue is doing the most are those without the same levels of access.



That’s all for now! Stay tuned for more pining, longing, and intense feelings of friendship — wait, that’s for the Haikyuu fanfic I’m writing SORRY


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