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Welcome to your weekly Afternoon Snack!! From things to brighten your day to good comics about race to the true joy we feel in sexual harassers finally getting what they deserve, we’ve got lots to talk about.



More quality Chelsea Manning content to brighten your day.



We have yet to see Flip Flappers, but this thoughtful article from Anime Feminist is a solid analysis and definitely gives us some hope about wlw genres in our fiction.



Tfw it’s 2017 and a longread about the 600,000 people who still regularly use Second Life makes you extremely emotional.

“When I spoke with users, however, the stubborn inaccessibility of Second Life seemed to have become a crucial part of their narratives as Second Life residents. They looked back on their early embarrassment with nostalgia. Gidge told me about the time someone had convinced her that she needed to buy a vagina, and she’d ended up wearing it on the outside of her pants. (She called this a classic #SecondLifeProblem.) A Swedish musician named Malin Östh—one of the performers at the concert where I’d started my abortive conga line—told me about attending her first Second Life concert, and her story wasn’t so different from mine: When she’d tried to get to the front of the crowd, she’d ended up accidentally flying onto the stage. Beforehand, she’d been sure the whole event would seem fake, but she was surprised by how mortified she felt, and this made her realize that she actually felt like she was among other people. I knew what she meant. If it feels like you are back in junior high school, then at least it feels like you are somewhere.”



In POME’s Daily Dose of Haterade aka This is Literally My Worst Nightmare aka Ban Mark Millar aka UUUUUGGGGHHHHH WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY



Eddie Berganza’s sexual harassment was an open secret at DC for years, and it looks like after much recent reporting on it DC is finally taking real, tangible steps and removing the turd from his position as Group Editor. The witch hunt continues, motherfuckers.



Speaking of DC abusers still in power, Brett Ratner is one of them. Now Gal Gadot is refusing to work with DC while Ratner is there. Take note, people with influence!! This is how you use your power.



Such piping hot takes from the twitterverse.



OH MY GOD ????????????????????????????




This is good comics about the experience of latinx mixed-race persons.



That’s it for now, y’all! Stay beautiful, you precious cinnamon buns.


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