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Here in the US, we’re all buckling down to celebrate a super problematic holiday with good food. We’d like to focus on the things we’re thankful for — you, our readers, cryptids, coffee, and the powerful voices of amazing humans who are fighting against bigotry and hatred everyday. Y’all are the best.

On to Afternoon Snack!



Turns out sexual harassment is not uncommon at the Texas State Capitol — is anybody surprised that the men who work so hard to shut down women’s access to reproductive health are also preying on the female staffers they work with? Because we’re not.






In the early days of Universal, women directors, writers, and producers were a common sight and a big facet of Universal’s success. The fact that we’ve fallen so far from a pretty badass standard is disheartening to say the least.



The Sun and the Wayward Wind is back with a Kickstarter relaunch!!! We are so stoked for this book — you can check out our interview with two of the founders of Dandelion Wine to get a glimpse at what makes this collection of cryptid comics so special.



As if we needed more evidence that this is the darkest timeline, Blake Lively has somehow become People’s Sexiest Man Alive.



Mostly our timelines are super #blessed tho



A good list of 12 femme-driven latinx podcasts that you should get in your weekly rotation.



“The myth of the male bumbler” — SHOTS FIRED

“Allow me to make a controversial proposition: Men are every bit as sneaky and calculating and venomous as women are widely suspected to be. And the bumbler — the very figure that shelters them from this ugly truth — is the best and hardest proof.”



Just, in conclusion, “These crabs can grow up to 3 feet, but did they eat Amelia Earhart?” might be the best headline in the history of journalism. Good night.

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