Afternoon Snack

As we enter this last month of this weird, unintelligible year, we hope y’all are doing ok. We’ve got a small snack for you, filled with the good and bad shit of the last week, because there’s always a lot of bad and sometimes having the good things can help.



National treasure Angela Lansbury has really let us down. Dang it!!!! Why!!!!!!!!! You were one of the good ones!!!!



The Trump White House has decorated for Christmas and we are not surprised but extremely worried. Nothing like despair for the holidays! I guess it’s fitting for 2017, at least.



The fashion collab of our dreams!!!



A better take than most on neo-Nazi fluff pieces and the alt-right internet becoming reality.



imo Monica Lewinsky is a total fuckin badass


Kate Leth just broke our brains

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I’m from 80s anime

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Marvel has a new Editor-in-Chief and turns out he’s another in a string of white dudes who have performed yellowface by writing under an Asian name. Nows a good time for us to revisit this (sadly) evergreen content on white people profiting from coopting Asian-ness at the expense of actual Asian-American people. Also, Women Write About Comics delivers with our fave Cebulski take.



In much better news, Disney’s live-action Mulan movie has cast an actual Chinese actress in the title role!! Hell yeah!!!!



If you are a fan of the Great British Bake-Off, Reductress has prepared a list of “3 Difficult Experiences You’ll Have in Your 20s That Still Aren’t as Emotionally Trying as When Iain Tossed His Baked Alaska in the Bin”. You’re welcome.



James Baldwin’s former home in France is set to be demolished and this is BULLSHIT!!!!



We honestly do not know how to feel about this






Tune in next week for more of all the bad and good things that the internet inevitably brings us!


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