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When over 1,000 families were impacted by fires in her native Sevier county, Dolly Parton handed out $1,000 monthly checks to help get those who needed it through the catastrophe of losing everything, and it gives us a glimpse of what universal basic income could look like in this country. Never forget — Dolly Parton GETS SHIT DONE.



The Angel Gabriel has descended and he is motherfucking Jon Hamm.



Calleigh Little set out to be the first trans woman to skateboard across America, and she killed it. She met some real assholes along the way, but the people who made the most impact were kind and generous — a good sign in this hellscape of 2017’s political environment.



If you have an indie or small press comics fan in your life, the Beat has prepared a great list of holiday gift suggestions to bring some comics-joy into your loved one’s life.



What photoshop nonsense is this???? That LEG!!!



At least one of the resident POME crones who contribute to this Afternoon Snack has seen The Christmas Prince and can confirm the accuracy of the feels collected in this piece about this trashy garbage romcom.



Tune in next week for more of our favorite (or least favorite, depending on how nuts things in certain powerful groups in the US turn out) internet things!


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