Afternoon Snack

As this calendar year comes to a close and we reach the pinnacle of our holiday shopping season, take a moment to relax, drink some tea, and dig into this internet goodness. We got you.



Noelle Stevenson (she did Nimona and Lumberjanes!) is really warming our nostalgic hearts by making an animated She-Ra series for Netflix!! This is literally the best and I didn’t know I needed it so bad.


If you haven’t read this special, precious Harry Potter chapter written by an AI that analyzed all of JK Rowling’s HP books, you are missing out. Ron’s Ron shirt would be very disappointed in you!



Reductress has published this article in the wake of Roy Moore’s defeat in Alabama at the hands of black women — “White Women Thank Themselves for Thanking Black Women Today” — and we are dead now. Goodbye.



Speaking of which, here’s a good reminder from Bianca Xunise that black women aren’t here to save us, and while we have them to thank for crushing Roy Moore’s bid for the Senate, this is yet another call to action for white women to step up and stop voting predators into office.






Anime in the Arabic-speaking world has gone largely unstudied, but it’s made a hug impact on at least two generations of kids who grew up with Arabic translations of shows like Captain Tsubasa, or al-Captain Majid.

If independent Arabic-speakers and Arabic institutions continue to quietly invest in art-production, anime could continue to guide people like myself into the world. Childhood fantasy becoming ground for shared futures – that is the legacy of anime in Arabic.



Look, there were a lot of bad things about the Justice League movie, and the gross change in Amazonian training outfits is just one of them. Still, I’m mad about it, and I’m not going to stop being mad about it, so here’s a deeper analysis of all the ways that these changes are just, like, super dumb.



If you needed another argument for the preservation of Net Neutrality, the protection of trans people is a big one.



Also, PLEASE don’t forget the reason for the season.



Stay warm, stay cool, stay your own beautiful, lovely selves. See you next week!


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