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So, you know, we got you this Afternoon Snack!!



Have you ever thought about how weird straight marketing is? It’s so, so weird.



The amazing ladies over at Pretty Brown & Nerdy talked to Variety for this article about Black Panther and grassroots marketing movement that is making waves literally everywhere. Two points here: 1) we are so excited for Black Panther and 2) the PBN ladies are so awesome and we are so glad to see their voices get more and more recognition for all that they do!



Viz Media is mostly known for publishing comic adaptations of video games, but now the company is branching into the gaming business themselves! Very little is know about their first foray, but the promo art for it is definitely compelling. Also, if there are any indie devs out there looking to work with a publisher, Viz says they’re interested in hearing from creators at any part in the development process!



A good, thoughtful article about the recent missteps taken by Chelsea Manning, but also about the (very understandable) tendency of marginalized communities to put their most vocal/visible members on pedestals.



Ok, warning for this next on — only proceed if you’re emotionally ready and in a place where you would feel ok shedding some tears. A woman went to adopt a senior dog and found out it was actually the dog from her childhood and really I couldn’t be having more feelings about this.



If you saw The Shape of Water, then you probably, much like us, wondered (casually!!!) what the downstairs situation was for that sweet fish man. Well, one dildo maker is here to set the record straight, and now we can all know. Uhh, NSFW, obviously.




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