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Happy Monday!! We made you some tea! We’ve of course prepared our weekly round-up of internet things, so take a break and enjoy a small Snack to get y0u through the rest of your Monday.



The Obamas’ official presidential portraits were unveiled last week and they are so amazing. ????



A good thread.



This dominatrix requires her (mostly white, cisgender) clientele to read black feminist theory, and we are so so thrilled and also can we have a copy of that syllabus please and thank you.



Mary J. Blige has been tapped to play Cha-Cha, one of the time-traveling assassins in The Umbrella Academy!! We’re so interested in how they’re going to interpret this role for Netflix, especially that maskkkkk. ????



In the wake of Rob Porter’s resignation and Trump’s gross dismissal of the accusations against his former White House Staff Secretary, we need to continue to talk about domestic violence. This article is a good place to start — we won’t allow the White House to warp the narrative of survivors of domestic violence and we will always speak out.



A live-action TV drama of My Brother’s Husband is being made and I’m just ready to shed all my tears. Look at that promo photo!!!




Friend-of-POME Caitlin Moore (formerly of “Fujoshi Feminism”, currently of “Heroine Problem“) interviewed international hero Saya Yamamoto for Anime Feminist!

“I do recall how I was feeling back then, and I’ll be blunt in saying that I did not like the molded female types that were for male consumption in anime. So, when I was looking for something different, I wanted to destroy something that was just offered as the molded archetypes, and I think my frustration was answered in the form of Michiko and Hatchin.”



The best news of 2018 — JANELLE MONAÉ HAS ANNOUNCED A NEW ALUBM!! Bless the ArchAndroid.



Thank you, Jen Bartel, for all that you do!!



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