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Ok first and foremost JANELLE MONAÉ HAS TWO NEW MUSIC VIDEOS OUT AND SHE CONTINUES TO BE THE GREATEST BEACON OF HOPE THAT WE HAVE. These videos are bi as hell and holy shit. HOLY SHIT. Holy shit. This is everything.




If you needed any other reasons to celebrate Michael B. Jordan today, let me point you to this article where it becomes more obvious than ever that Michael B. Jordan is a big ol’ anime nerd and also maybe Killmonger’s costume in Black Panther was inspired by Vegeta of Dragon Ball Z fame????? We don’t deserve you, Michael B. Jordan.



Brendan Fraser is a sweet man that my mom loved ardently throughout my childhood (just like so many other girls at my middle school). We’re so sad to hear that the past nearly 2 decades have been so unkind to him, but we’re also happy to hear that he has a cool horse, despite whatever feelings we might have about horses.



Vinnie’s Pizzeria in New York now has My Chemical Romance-themed pizza, and we have reached peak millennial marketing. Everybody go home now.



If you have seen people complaining about Black Panther being “too political”, please point them to this article and remind them that, hey dudes, superheroes have always been political. Black Panther is just doing it better than most.



There is a town in Illinois called Wauconda, and apparently fans of Black Panther are hitting up government officials and asking for vibranium. Sometimes, good things happen on accident, and we are so so glad.



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Crones of the Year 2023

As we spiral ever further towards certain catastrophe on this interminable mortal coil, there are some lights of hope that pass fleetingly by. Most often: the crones or otherwise eternal baddies found in all of our favorite escapist media. And so we present our top ten 2023 Crones of the Year.

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