Afternoon Snack

Happy Afternoon Snack, my POMEs! Fill up your afternoon cup and join us for some soothing links to get you through this dreary Monday. We’re glad to have you!



Hey National Geographic! Good job. We’re glad see major publications take responsibility for their messy, racist history, and then do their best to move forward.



Daniel Mallory Ortberg has made his debut! This interview between Ortberg and Heather Havrilesky is so great and we’re so so so happy for him. (Also we’re reading The Merry Spinster and really everybody needs to get on this book asap.)



Every single episode of the new Queer Eye has made me cry, and I definitely 100% teared up when I found out that Tom and Abby from the very first episode are engaged now. ???????????????? Many congratulations to the happy couple!!!



Just, take it. Take all my money.



I’m sort of mad about this, but also, go figure. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



Now you can listen to Benedict Cumberbatch’s sultry tones describe to you the various planes of existence while watching some truly stunning animations! Highly recommended for the scientifically-minded and normies alike!



Interested in supporting work from diverse comic artists AND putting your dollars towards rebuilding Puerto Rico?? Check out Puerto Rico Strong, a comics anthology from Lion Forge, featuring work from Puerto Rican and Latinx artists across the comics industry.



Last week we posted about Buffy Prom, and now THERE ARE MORE PICTURES



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Afternoon Snack

Lot goin’ on this week! Worlds collide! Shea Couleé from RuPaul’s Cinematic Universe is joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Rebecca Mock’s huge brain and the

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