Afternoon Snack

In which Oregon is a real life Ghibli movie and dogs are just always the best

March 26, 2018 at 11:07 am

Happy Monday, my POMEs!! We hope this post finds you and yours well, surrounded by good things to eat and good people to high-five. Here’s some links to help you kick off the week!



Oregon’s Tourism Commission has released a Ghibli-inspired video promoting tourism in the state and I NEED to know the level to which this is real and to which it is exaggerated. GIANT BUNNIES!!!




We know there’s science behind this, but that doesn’t mean it’s not the most adorable good dog ever.




A very cool (and witchy) longread about the crows of Seattle, and how crows process death and mourning in a way not too dissimilar from humans.



A super cool font that reacts to sound!!



Mike Pence is an awful, awful man who is using cute rabbits to spread his awful, awful opinions. Thank Hera we have John Oliver, raining on Pence’s gross parade with his own very cute, very gay bunny book.



RIP Bento, the keyboard cat that set all our hearts ablaze. You’ll be missed, little dude.



Here’s the deal y’all — how you manage a project (especially a big one with lots of people and goals and interests) matters. Basically it matters in any industry, but if you want a good example of how it went horribly wrong, video games are rife with horror stories.



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