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Happy Monday, POMEs! We have super duper big news coming your way, but for now — on to the Afternoon Snack!



Apparently, fancy kitchen appliances are only acceptable to use if you’re a dude.



If you would like to see something good on the internet for once, please check out the “‘describe yourself like a male author would” thread on Twitter.



With the recent passing of SESTA/FOSTA, many sex works have found the client lists that they relied on to work safely suddenly gone. These laws were passed under the guise of preventing trafficking, but in reality they make sex work even more danger than before.



An older article but we’re just glad somebody finally stood up and asked the hard question — was Ernest Hemingway hot?

“By talking about the way he looks instead of his work or personality, I’m highlighting his greatest talent and achievement. He’s kind of a loser when you take that out of the equation.”


And another relevant Twitter feed:



Where did they find these pictures of our future POME offices??



The POME coven took this quiz to determine which Moomin characters we were and it turns out we make up the whole Moominfamily!



While we’re all eagerly awaiting the next season of Queer Eye, let’s read this interview with Jonathan where he talks about Gay of Thrones, loving hair care, and how being on the show changed things for him.



This is true pupspiration!! #goals



A really beautiful piece where Molly Ringwald talks through her complex feelings about John Hughes movies, including the ones she starred in. (Also, Molly Ringwald is one of the best parts of Riverdale and we love her.)



In the most recent episode of Drawing a Dialogue, Cathy and e talk about the history of queer underground comics and examine in detail the life and work of Jeffrey Catherine Jones.



please watch till the end




Laboriously copying books by hand, letter by letter, sounds excruciating and terrible, so no wonder Medieval scribes wrote horrible curses into their work to protect the books from clumsy ne’er-do-wells with no respect for literature.



There is an Utena live action musical and it looks SO AMAZING!!



That’s all for now, dearest readers! Stay tuned — tomorrow, there’s big news headed your way. ????

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