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Dear POMEs, we’re at the halfway point of our Group Chat Kickstarter! And we’re at 77%!!!!! We’re so so close to reaching our goal. If you haven’t checked it out yet, we just added super cute pins to our reward tiers. We’re so excited to wear these around ourselves, we hope you dig them too!

On to the Afternoon Snack!



If you’re looking for cute, wholesome, witchy content in your life, look no further than Little Witch Academia on Netflix. This show is charming as hell, and even for you normies out there that are nervous about taking an anime leap, LWA is basically just Hogwarts but it’s all ladies, so don’t be nervous! Watch this cute show!



The Prince & the Dressmaker is a super charming and lovely graphic novel by Jen Wang, and apparently it’s been optioned for a motion picture!!!! This is honestly such good news because this book is so heartwarming and we all love it so much, and maybe if it’s a movie even more people will get to experience those good good feels. Congrats to Jen Wang and to anybody else involved in bringing this beautiful comic to the big screen!



A good interview with Alexander Chee about his new collection of essays, How to Write an Autobiographical Novel. He talks about his heroes, reading the Tarot, and how to  descend into potentially traumatic memories through writing and still come out safely.



I hope you’re not tired of Queer Eye content, because we will never stop telling you about it. “15 Wholesome Comments The Queer Eye Guys Have Left Each Other On Instagram” is the exact kind of content I need in my life.


Also this is just a video of Jonathan being his sweet self and offering people affirmations for their daily lives. Bless you, you sweet beautiful boy.






This threadddd

Also, in keeping with the 420 theme, one brave soul made weed-infused pasta and documented it all for our enjoyment. Bless.



Many folks of a certain grew up with Neopets as one of their first internet communities, and even though the site is still active, it’s a big source of nostalgia for so many of us. So, given that, it’s absolutely nutso to hear that for at least 5 years of the site’s existence, it was run with deep ties to Scientology and adopted a business model called Org Board that is copyright L. Ron Hubbard. Like, what!! That’s crazy!!! Apparently the original founders weren’t aware of the Scientology aspects until 6 months into the Org Board takeover, and they had to fight to keep Scientology propaganda off their site. Even Neopets can escape being sullied by weird religious business practices!!



That’s all for this week, POMEs. Thanks for stopping by!


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