Afternoon Snack

May 14, 2018 at 1:50 pm

The POMEs are all traveling back from Toronto today — we had an amazing TCAF!! We are also very tired, so today’s Afternoon Snack might be a bit briefer than usual. Let’s get to it!



Because there are still terrible things in the world, male programmers in China are being offered the perk of “programmer motivators” — women who are hired to bring charming, give massages, and relieve the stress of the over worked male coder. This is uh, pretty gross. Note to employers: this is gross, don’t do this.



This Nick Cage 2-tone pillow is somehow extremely alluring and yet totally repelling me, I do not know how to feel.



In other amazing pillows.



This is a very, very good article about Childish Gambino’s newest music video, “This is America”.


“The video has already been rapturously described as a powerful rally cry against gun violence, a powerful portrait of black-American existentialism, a powerful indictment of a culture that circulates videos of black children dying as easily as it does videos of black children dancing in parking lots. It is those things, but it also a fundamentally ambiguous document. The truth is that this video, and what it suggests about its artist, is very difficult. A lot of black people hate it. Glover forces us to relive public traumas and barely gives us a second to breathe before he forces us to dance. There is an inescapable disdain sewn into the fabric of ‘This Is America.’”



Things to watch out for alert! Women in Gaming: 100 Pioneers of Play by Meagan Marie is coming out in November 2018 and will celebrate ton of the women who made their mark in the male-dominated video game industry.



That’s all for now POMEs. Expect more from TCAF soon, but for now we are going to goooo toooo sleeepppp


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